Southwark City Tennis League: Previous Singles Rounds

Details of previous singles rounds will be archived here... 

Round Eleven
Monday 10th September to Sunday 4th November 2012 

Round Ten
Monday 25th June to Sunday 19th August 2012  

Round Nine
Monday 9th April to Sunday 3rd June 2012 

Round Eight
Monday 23rd January to Sunday 18 March 2012  

Round Seven
Monday 17th October to Monday 26th December 2011 

Round Six
Monday 1st August to Sunday 25th September 2011 

Round Five
Monday 23 May to Sunday 17th July 2011 

Round Four
Monday 31 January to Sunday 27 March 2011

Round Three
Monday 18 October to Sunday 12 December 2010

Round Two
Monday 2 August to Sunday 26 September 2010

Round One

Monday 10 May to Sunday 4 July 2010