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Indoor tennis at the Westburn
Indoor tennis at the Westburn

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This is how it works:

  • Players are organised into groups of between 5 to 9 people of a similar standard
  • It is a mixed sex, singles league, so men and women play each other
  • Groups are put together by standard and there can be any combination of men and women in a group (we do not guarantee a balance of men and women and you could be the only man in a group of women or vice versa!)
  • Contact details are emailed and posted to each player's account page
  • Players arrange their own matches
  • You can play on any court that suits both players

The league is:

  • For everyone over the age of 18
  • We welcome beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Don't worry that you won't be good enough - playing matches is the best way to improve, and we use an online questionnaire to assess people's ability so you play only people of a roughly similar level
  • Affiliated to the LTA For adults aged 18 years and above 

Key points

  • Matches are best of three sets; if a set reaches 6 games all it is decided by a tiebreak
  • The evening before the round starts you will receive an email with all the contact details of the players in your group. Contact details are also posted to your Account Page
  • Players are placed in groups according to past performance in the league and, for new players, their Player Standard Questionnaire
  • Each player attempts to play each of the other player on their group once during the round
  • A point is awarded for each set won
  • If you complete three matches before the midpoint of a round you receive 2 bonus points and a bonus prize (either a pair of Local Tennis Leagues dampeners, or a tube of tennis balls)
  • The winner of the group is the player with the most points at the end of the round
  • The winner of the group wins a voucher for £20 to be spent in the Local Tennis League online shop. A winner's certificate is also posted to the winner's Account Page as a PDF file.
  • Where possible, winners of groups are promoted to the group above for the next round.

See here for the complete rules and regulations

Getting started

New players will need to complete the player questionnaire before they can join a round. Once you’ve signed up, and for returning players you can join any of the upcoming rounds above.

For everything you need to know before you get started see the FAQs and review the Rules and Regulations, which all players agree to adhere to when playing in the leagues.

If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with the team who will be happy to help!

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Primary Venues

Aberdeen Tennis Centre

Westburn Park Road, Aberdeen, AB25 3DE
Tel: 01224 625342
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King's Tennis Courts

Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU
Tel: 01224 438900
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Albury Outdoor Sports Centre

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Tel: 01224 782918
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"The round was excellent, really enjoyed meeting everyone. The amount of indoor facilities is detrimental to the winter league however looking forward to some tennis in the summer."


Robert Paterson

"Thanks for administrating the league, Nigel. I've enjoyed it"

Stephen Wilson

"I found this league an excellent opportunity to meet new tennis player in the area. I want to thank and congratulate this great idea of promoting this kind of event. I will definitely recommend it for other friends to join in following rounds. The round was good, and very enjoyable,"

Carlos Ewing

 "Thanks for administrating the league, Nigel. I've enjoyed it"

Stephen Wilson

"​I have left Aberdeen now but many thanks for the opportunities to play some great tennis in the past months,"

Nanya Ugwuh

"This league is such a fantastic chance to make nice friends for tennis!"

Hyesung Kim

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Collapse AllAberdeen Singles - Round 24 | Thursday 20 February 2020 to Wednesday 15 April 2020 (Midpoint: Wednesday 18 March 2020)

A great round in Aberdeen! Groups were committed, friendly, and full of familiar rivalries. It was such a shame it had to be cut short. Here's to the next one, whenever that may be!

Group Summary:

Tosin is beginning to pitch camp at the top of this group as he successfully defends his title once again! It wasn't a walk in the park; runner up Haroon beat the champ and Ryan pushed him to three sets. This round has also been cut short by at least 3 weeks. But all credit to Tosin for getting his bonus points and winning three matches out of four to take gold again!

Final Rankings:

  1. Oluwatosin Ige 8.2 [W3, L1] 8 includes 2 bonus points WINNER
  2. Haroon Bajwa 10.1 [W2] 4 RUNNER UP
  3. Puranjay Das 10.1 [W1, L2] 4 includes 2 bonus points
  4. Callum Young 10.2 [W1, L1] 2
  5. Ryan Gordon 9.1 [L2] 1
  6. Kingsley Ajike [L1]
  7. Ricky Simpson withdrawn

Match Results:

Reveal CommentOluwatosin Ige bt Kingsley Ajike (Mar 19) 6-4, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "Nicely contested match, quite a lot of great rallies and point construction. Thanks "  -- Oluwatosin

Match of the Group:

Reveal CommentCallum Young bt Ryan Gordon (Mar 15) 7-6 (7-5), 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Thanks for the game, some great points in there going both ways. Enjoy the rest of the round - Callum"  -- Callum
Reveal CommentOluwatosin Ige bt Puranjay Das (Mar 15) 6-2, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "Nice match. Thanks Puranjay "  -- Oluwatosin
Reveal CommentHaroon Bajwa bt Puranjay Das (Mar 9) 6-4, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Great match. Playing with you is always tought and exciting. Theoretically only one break in each set so it was a close match"  -- Haroon
Oluwatosin Ige bt Ryan Gordon (Mar 4) 5-7, 6-0, 7-5
Reveal CommentPuranjay Das bt Callum Young (Mar 1) 7-5, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "Really good match with lots of nice rallies. The first set was very close and could have gone either way. Wish you all the best for the rest of the matches."  -- Puranjay
Haroon Bajwa bt Oluwatosin Ige (Mar 1) 6-1, 6-1

Group Summary:

John made all the running in this group. He got out of the blocks early, got his bonus points and after a very close opening match against James, hit his strike and won the next four on the trot. Many congratulations and great match commentaries too!

Final Rankings:

  1. John Kellett [W5] 12 includes 2 bonus points WINNER
  2. Emma Bolland 10.1 [L1, UF1] 1
  3. Alex Beston [L1, UF1] 1
  4. James Ferguson 8.2 [L1] 1
  5. Ikechuku Ikukaiwe [UF1]
  6. Lee Gordon 10.2 [L1, UF1]
  7. Alan Brownhill [L1]

Match Results:

Alex Beston v Lee Gordon (Mar 15) 6-3 TBC
Reveal CommentEmma Bolland v Ikechuku Ikukaiwe (Mar 11) 6-2 TBC

Player Comments:

  • "The second set was 6-6 So we did a tie-break which the Opponent won 8-6. So one set each (not sure how to put that score in?) We have a third set still to play."  -- Emma
Reveal CommentJohn Kellett bt Alex Beston (Mar 8) 6-0, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "Thanks for the game Alex, nice day for tennis. Good luck with the rest of your games"  -- John
  • "Fun game, bit windy, alarm went off in the bowling club first set and wind died down in second set," -- Alex
Reveal CommentJohn Kellett bt Alan Brownhill (Mar 7) 7-5, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "An enjoyable match with Alan making me suffer in many of the rallies. Thanks for the game, look forward to playing you again soon"  -- John
Reveal CommentJohn Kellett bt Lee Gordon (Feb 27) 6-2, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "A duel in the wind that had many long games swinging back and forwards. The fans that had stuck around were on the edge of their seats at time sensing a 3rd set but were left to settle for 2 in a match that could've gone either way with just a few points in it. Thanks for the game Lee, look forward to playing you again sometime"  -- John
Reveal CommentJohn Kellett bt Emma Bolland (Feb 23) 6-3, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "A brutal day to play tennis outside. The wind made the game a lottery with the ball pinging about unexpectedly all over the court. Some good rallies thrown in despite the conditions. Thanks for the game Emma."  -- John

Match of the Group:

Reveal CommentJohn Kellett bt James Ferguson (Feb 22) 2-6, 6-1, 7-6 (7-5)

Player Comments:

  • "An intense topsy turvy match that could have gone either way at the end. The wind and sun made it a challenging experience played on a super court. Thanks for the match James. Enjoyed it"  -- John

Group Summary:

Such good matches here in a busy and competitive group in which almost everyone got their bonus points. Well done! Grant and Laura had a 'gruelling battle...Laura is a tough competitor and it was a very tough but pleasant match with good sportsmanship'; Tara and Allan had 'another tough one'; and Grant says David made it 'difficult for me with some very good returns and always a very enjoyable match'. When the round had to be cut short Grant and Robbie were tied on points but as Grant beat Robbie in one of their characteristically tight battles, he takes gold this time!

Final Rankings:

  1. Grant Annand 9.2 [W3] 8 includes 2 bonus points WINNER
  2. Robbie Gill [W3, L1] 8 includes 2 bonus points RUNNER UP
  3. Diogo Rodrigues [W2, L1] 7 includes 2 bonus points
  4. Laura Bell McMillan [W1, L2] 6 includes 2 bonus points
  5. Tara Geddes 9.2 [W2, L3] 6 includes 2 bonus points
  6. David Phimister [L3] 3 includes 2 bonus points
  7. Allan Bell [L1] 1

Match Results:

Reveal CommentTara Geddes bt Allan Bell (Mar 19) 3-6, 6-4, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Another tough one, could have gone either way. Just glad we got it in! Thanks Alan. "  -- Tara
Reveal CommentGrant Annand bt Robbie Gill (Mar 18) 7-6 (7-4), 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "As always it was a very tough battle, Robbie put me through my paces but luckily I was able to get the W on this occasion. Always enjoyable, will look forward to another battle down the road. Good luck in your other matches."  -- Grant
Reveal CommentGrant Annand bt Laura Bell McMillan (Mar 15) 6-3, 6-7 (6-8), 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "After a gruelling battle that could have gone either way, we finally got finished after almost 3hrs! Laura is a tough competitor and it was a very tough but pleasant match with good sportsmanship. Thanks for the game Laura, good luck in your other matches."  -- Grant
Reveal CommentLaura Bell McMillan bt Tara Geddes (Mar 14) 6-4, 7-6 (7-5)

Player Comments:

  • "Great competitive match as always Tara, some brilliant rallies with great variety of shots. Thank you!"  -- Laura Bell
Diogo Rodrigues bt Laura Bell McMillan (Mar 13) 6-2, 6-7 (6-8), 6-1
Reveal CommentTara Geddes bt David Phimister (Mar 12) 7-5, 3-6, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "A very enjoyable battle as always. Some really great rallies and winning shots on both sides. I think we were both needing our dinner by the third set! Thanks for the match David, see you next time."  -- Tara
Reveal CommentRobbie Gill bt David Phimister (Mar 10) 6-1, 6-0

Player Comments:

  • "Good game played in quite windy conditions. Thanks again David and good luck in the rest of your games."  -- Robbie
Reveal CommentRobbie Gill bt Tara Geddes (Mar 5) 6-1, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "Lovely night for it outside at westburn! Some really good winners and rallies. Good luck in the rest of your matches Tara, thanks again."  -- Robbie
Reveal CommentGrant Annand bt David Phimister (Mar 4) 6-2, 6-0

Player Comments:

  • "As always, a very enjoyable match with David. He made it difficult for me with some very good returns and accuracy from both his forehand and backhand. Thanks again for the game, I'll look forward to our next encounter."  -- Grant
Reveal CommentDiogo Rodrigues bt Tara Geddes (Mar 2) 6-4, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Great game played in great spirit. Thank you very much for the game Tara some fantastic rallies. All the best for your next matches. Diogo"  -- Diogo

Match of the Group:

Reveal CommentRobbie Gill bt Diogo Rodrigues (Feb 26) 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (7-1)

Player Comments:

  • "What a game! Literally could have gone either way! 5-5 in the third set that went to about deuce no. 40. One of the best matches I’ve been in, cheers Diogo! Good luck in the rest of your matches."  -- Robbie


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The results listed here include the current and previous round of Singles matches for Aberdeen.

Scoring Information:
You earn one point for every set you win. Players who complete three or more matches by the mid-point of the round receive 2 bonus points, and a bonus prize (typically a free can of HEAD tennis balls). Bonus prizes must be claimed within 28 days using the link posted to the player's Account page. The link is also emailed to players.

Please note, while matches tied at one set all may be completed with a matchtiebreak, singles matches completed to this shortened format, do not count toward bonus points.

Understanding the current rankings display: 
Player name, [LTA rating - if known], W - tally of wins, L - tally of  losses, UF - tally of unfinished matches] 'n' - points won (if bonus points have been won a  note to this effect is added) 

Reporters of results are encouraged to leave a comment on the "Report Your Score" form. Additional commentaries may be added by submitting a result revision (see the pencil icon next to your results)