FREE British Tennis Membership

When you join one of our leagues you are automatically entitled to the FREE tier of British Tennis Membership, called Lite Membership. You are also eligible to receive a 30% discount off the premium level 'Team Membership' - costing you just £20.

Registration for British Tennis Membership is via the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) website and is quick and easy to do, please see our handy guide.

Once registered (or if you're already a member), you need to add Local Tennis Leagues as a venue to your LTA profile.

You also need to add your BTM number to your Local Tennis Leagues profile, as explained here, and your rating will be displayed the following week.

We can then report your match results against other rated players to the LTA to update your rating and so you can view the matches on the LTA website. You'll also be eligible to enter our Wimbledon Ballot assuming you've played in a league since the middle of February of the previous year (see our guide for further details).

British Tennis Membership

British Tennis Membership is a membership scheme for players and fans of British Tennis, provided by the LTA, the governing body for tennis in the UK.

Usually you have to be a member of a tennis club to be eligible for the free 'Lite Membership' or pay full price of £30 for 'Team Membership' to become a member and access the many benefits.

But Local Tennis Leagues has been recognised as a "nomadic" club - we think it sounds quite exotic - which means anyone who plays in one of our rounds is entitled to Lite Membership or the discouted rate of £20 for Team Membership.

We offer membership on the basis that you play in at least one round of a league in the last 12 months (players who played in previous rounds may be required to join and play in a new round.) If you cease to be an active player with us check on the LTA site for your options for keeping your BTM membership active. Only active players in a Local Tennis League will be eligible for the section of the Wimbledon ballot run by Local Tennis Leagues.

The benefits of Lite Membership

The British Tennis Wimbledon Ballot

Getting Wimbledon tickets is really hard... But each year, Local Tennis Leagues is allocated a number of tickets for our players. All our players who 'opt in' will be included in our ballot with an option to buy them! See here for more details.

AEGON British Tennis Rating

An AEGON British Tennis Rating enables you to compete in official competitions, All qualifying matches played in our leagues will count toward your rating. See here for details.

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30% discount off Team Membership

All Local Tennis Leagues players are eligible for Team Membership at £20