If you already have British Tennis Membership, here's how to associate your BTM number with Local Tennis Leagues:

1. Open your browser and go to the link below:



2. Type in your username and password for the LTA website. You should have been sent all this information. (If you have forgotten your password or username follow the appropriate steps to allow you to log in.)

3. Hover over your initials in the top right hand corner of the page and select "Members Home" from the dropdown list. 


4. You should now see this screen with your name. Click "Personal Details" in the Members menu at the top:


5. Then click on the drop-down arrow to the right of "Your Venues" to display the venue(s) you're currently linked to:

6. Start typing "Local Tennis Leagues" in the 'Your Venues' box and click Add to add Local Tennis Leagues to your list of associated venues (you may have more than one; in this example the player is a member of a local club and Local Tennis Legues). Please note, all our leagues are listed under the umbrella title of Local Tennis Leagues, and not by the name of the local league itself and will include N5 1QZ postcode where our membership is registred.


Once the assocaiation has been made your rating should update on our site the next time we sync the data with the LTA, This is usually done once a week.