Your tennis rated - a new way of enjoying the league!

A benefit of receiving British Tennis Membership is the chance to become a rated player. It is a little like having a golf handicap - though there are no stroke penalties in tennis! For many of us, having a rating will be a new experience. Here are a few of the main points to bear in mind about how having a rating might affect your experience of playing in the league. At their best ratings offer an opportunity to measure the improvement in your game and open up new possibilities for competitive play. But ratings aren't everything, so please bear in mind, although we will try to support your efforts to improve your rating, our main aim is to try to give all our players the best possible match play experience!

What are ratings?

A rating is a numerical way of measuring your tennis ability so you can see how you are improving. The best rating you could possibly have is 1.1 (the rating a pro would have) the starting rating for an adult is 10.2. There are 20 divisions altogether (1.2, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 etc)

What will my rating be? I'm a really cool player!

Players who become British Tennis Members through Local Tennis Leagues will usually start with a 10.2 rating. You may be able to appeal to the LTA for a higher rating using the self assessment link on your LTA/BTM profile. Local Tennis Leagues can't help with the process.

Will my rating go up?

Your rating will increase depending on the number of wins compared to loses you record during the period of the LTA ratings run. Your rating won't get worse even if you lose all your matches. Phew.

How do you know what rating I have?

Your rating will always be viewable on the LTA website if you log into your BTM account. If your British Tennis Membership has been correctly associated with us it will update periodically on this site and be displayed on the rounds you have entered and under your account tab. If we have got it wrong, just let us know.  

Which matches count?

Only the matches you play in the league against other players with a BTM rating count toward your rating. And the matches must be between players of the same gender if you are rated 8.2 or higher (the LTA's rule, not ours!). Having a rating allows you to enter other ratings qualifying tournaments which happen up and down the country throughout the year. The best way to find out about these is through the LTA's website.

I only want to be in a group with players of the same or higher rating.

Sorry, but while we take note of ratings, your actual performance in the league will determine the group your are in. We want everyone to get the best possible set of matches and to be rewarded when they do well by progressing to a higher group. Sometimes, however, a player who might have achieved a high rating in the past, will be put into a group of up and coming players! But don't forget, your rating can't go down and if you do well in the group, you will be heading to a higher group next time.

None of the players in my group have a rating except me! I'm gutted.

That's very rare... but getting ratings qualifying matches is a bonus of playing in the league. They can't be guaranteed as all players, rated or not, are equally welcome in the league. 

When will you submit the results?  I want to see my rating change.

The LTA has four "ratings runs" a year and in most leagues we run four rounds a year. However, these do not necessarily coincide. But any qualifying result which doesn't count to one "run" will count to the next. 

If you have a question about ratings and the leagues, do feel free to email us at