Reported Results

Qualifying matches are reported to the LTA as soon as the round reports are published (usually seven or eight days following the end of the round). You will be able to see reported matches online on the LTA website under your LTA profile's competition calendar page - 

1. Log into the LTA website and go to your Player area:

Player area


2. Click on the Player Competitions link in the menu at the top: 

Player Competitions link

3. This displays your competition calendar, including your latest round of Local Tennis Leagues. Click on the league link to display the match results:

Competition calendar screen 


Only qualifying matches can be reported - both players must have a LTA Membership and updated their profiles on this site with their "long" LTA number. We also urge players to associate their membership with us to help us consistently report the matches and track your rating. There is more information about how to do this here.

As new players are being registered for LTA Membership all the time, and as there can sometimes be an understandable delay in those memberships being registered, we can not guarantee that all possible matches will be reported. Even if we are subsequently made aware of LTA memberships, matches cannot be retrospectively uploaded if they did not qualify at the time of submission - sorry!

Please note - recent changes at the LTA mean it is now the individual player's responsibility to apply for and obtain LTA Membership. Please complete the form on the LTA site to create your LTA Membership account.