Wimbledon Ballot

Each year Local Tennis Leagues invites players to take part in the BTM members' ballot. It is the opportunity to win the chance to buy those hard-to-obtain Wimbledon tickets!

Well done to this year's winners! The ballot was run on March 16 2017, and the LTA will be notifying winners. Any tickets turned down will be re-offered to Local Tennis League players.

To qualify, you must have British Tennis Membership.  Your membership must be associated with Local Tennis Leagues, AND you must have paid to join a round in one of our leagues since the middle of February of the previous year.

Please note, in addition the LTA require all BTMs to opt in the ballot at the LTA (to be included in the ballot, log on using your membership details at www.lta.org.uk and navigate to Members' Area / Manage Account / Subscriptions and tick the box under Wimbledon Ballot Opt-In).

LTA opt in closes on 17 February 2017.

As long as you have opted in on the LTA site and are an active Local Tennis League player you will be included. (Once again this year, reflecting changes to the way the LTA runs the ballot, we aren't offering you the chance to select specific days - if you are lucky enough to get a ticket it could be for any day of the Championships).

The Local Tennis Leagues ballot will be held in early spring and the date of the ballot will be posted here in due course.

Please note, if you have been lucky in the ballot you will hear directly from the LTA shortly after the draw, so do make sure your contact details are up to date on your LTA/BTM profile. (Unfortunately we will NOT be able to let you know whether you have been successful!)

Frequently asked questions

Who is entitled to be included in Local Tennis League's Wimbledon ballot?
To be included, you need to have British Tennis Membership, to have that membership associated with Local Tennis Leagues and to be an active player in one of our leagues.
Do I have British Tennis Membership?
Any active player with Local Tennis Leagues is entitled to FREE British Tennis Membership and if you haven't already done so, you can make the application here. Alternatively, you may have it through another organisation or through an individual application. British Tennis Members will have a log in to the LTA website and their own BTM profile page. If you think you are a BTM but don't have a log in, contact the LTA.
Is my British Tennis Membership Associated with Local Tennis Leagues?
You can check by navigating to https://www.lta.org.uk/Members-Area/Home/membership/
Local Tennis Leagues should be listed under Your Venues. If it isn't, follow this guide to make the connection, or contact the LTA.
Do I qualify as an active player?
Active players are defined as players who have played in a round in the year leading up to the ballot, have signed up to a future league. If in doubt, join an upcoming round of a league!
How do I "opt in" to the ballot?
You need to opt in via your BTM profile on the LTA site (this year we are not asking players to opt-in separately with us). You must complete the opt-in by February 19th to be included in the ballot.
Is there anything else I need to do?
No. If you meet the conditions above and have opted in to the ballot, you are all done. If you have been successful in the ballot you will be contacted by the LTA.
When will the ballot be held?
We will run the ballot in late March or early April. This year we have asked the LTA to run the ballot centrally, so you do not need to separately "opt in" on our site.
How will I know if I have been lucky?
The LTA will contact those who have won the chance to buy tickets for this year's Championships. Make sure your contact details are up to date on your BTM profile. You should hear in April or May.
What are the terms and conditions or purchasing tickets?
These will be included in notification sent to lucky players. You are under no obligation to buy tickets and unwanted tickets will be re-offered to other Local Tennis League players.
I have an associated British Tennis Membership but I'm not an active player. What happens to my membership now?
The LTA has asked us to de-associate BTMs who are not active. It doesn't mean you are not very welcome to join a round in the future and we will help you to re-associate your membership. We will be de-associating non-active players in the weeks running up to the ballot.
In previous years you have asked me to choose my preferred dates for tickets. Where do I do this?
This year, to prevent players having to opt-in twice to the ballot, we are not offering players this service. Tickets will be randomly allocated.
I'm a member of another club or accredited venue and want to included in their ballot. What can I do?
You  may be included in as many ballots as you are eligible to enter, but under LTA rules you can only be lucky in one. If you really want to chose just the one ballot, contact the LTA. But logically, the more ballots you are entered to, the better your chance of winning in one of them!
I have more questions! Who can help me?
We are a very small team at Local Tennis Leagues and most detailed questions about BTM and the Wimbledon Ballot are best answered by the LTA. Check their website for more information (and this area for BTM password issues).