LTA Advantage

When you join Local Tennis Leagues you are automatically entitled to the Play+ tier of LTA Advantage. Registration for LTA Advantage is via the main LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) website and is quick and easy to do.

Benefits of LTA Advantage:

  • Entry into the Wimbledon Ballot
  • Discounted entry to Wimbledon Museum and Tour
  • Priority window for LTA tournament hospitality packages
  • Stay and play at National Tennis Centre
  • 10% off adidas tennis footwear
  • 20% discount with Superga
  • 20% discount with AMC Sportswear
  • Save 50% when buying a Slinger bag
  • Prize draws and money can't buy experiences

Don't forget to add your LTA number to your Local Tennis Leagues profile as explained below, and your rating will be displayed the following week.

At the conclusion of each Round, qualifying LTL results will sync with the LTA and will go towards updating your rating. Only matches played against others with a LTA rating are eligible.

How To Join

To join LTA Advantage, click here.

  1. Click 'Join Now'
  2. Fill in your details and verify your email address
  3. Login to LTA Advantage
  4. Hover over your initials and click ‘Advantage Home’
  5. Click the box to ‘Select your Advantage’
  6. Fill in the questionnaire
  7. Do you have an existing membership at a venue - select 'Yes'
  8. Enter ‘Local Tennis Leagues’
  9. How do you pay - select 'I subscribe to a venue'
  10. You will be entered into Advantage Play+

You're in!

Linking Your Accounts

How to add your LTA Number to your LTL account:

  1. Log into your LTL account
  2. Click 'Edit Your Details'
  3. Click 'British Tennis Membership' (now known as LTA Number)
  4. Enter your BTM Number (LTA Number)
  5. Click 'Save'