Coronavirus update

How lockdown has affected the leagues to date

Current rounds

All rounds of the league that were underway on 23rd March 2020 were stopped and rounds closed for the reporting of matches.

These "current rounds" were all at different stages. 

Rounds that passed their midway points before 23 March 2020: Prizes have been awarded to the players leading their groups.
Rounds which had not reached their midway point by 23 March 2020: No prizes were awarded for these unfinished rounds. All players received a credit for a future round. See link below for more details.

New rounds

All future rounds, including those starting on 19 March 2020 were postponed. We will reschedule these rounds as soon as we can and when advised it is safe to do so. The round dates will still be visible on the site, but you will not be able to join at the moment. 

Refunds and credits

These are difficult times and we are hoping you will work with us to give us the best chance of relaunching the leagues as soon as possible. 

Follow the link below to see credit information and refund options

 SEE THE Refunds and creditS PAGE 


Winners' coupons

If you have a winner's token please use it in the shop to buy tennis products. If you had intended to use your credit to join a round, please purchase a 2020 Round Pass which will be valid all year (Round Passes are manually created by the team and may take a while to appear on your account).

Please note, winner's tokens will expire after 28 days in the normal way.