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New rounds for the Greenwich league start regularly. See next round dates and entry fees above. Entries close the Monday before a round starts. You are never committed to joining more than one round and round usually last eight weeks (ten weeks where we also run doubles rounds).

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This is how it works:

  • Players are organised into groups of up to 8 people of a similar standard
  • Contact details are emailed
  • Players arrange their own matches
  • It is a mixed sex, singles league, so men and women play each other
  • You can play on any court that suits both players

The league is:

  • For everybody!
  • We welcome beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Don't worry that you won't be good enough - playing matches is the best way to improve, and we use an online questionnaire to assess people's ability so you play only people of a roughly similar level
  • Affiliated to the LTA For adults aged 18 years and above 

Key points

  • Matches are best of three sets; if a set reaches 6 games all it is decided by a tiebreak
  • The evening before the round starts you will receive an email with all the contact details of the players in your group
  • Players are placed in groups according to past performance in the league and, for new players, their Player Standard Questionnaire
  • Each player attempts to play each of the other player on their group once during the round
  • If you complete three matches before the midpoint of a round you receive 2 bonus points and a bonus prize (either a pair of Local Tennis Leagues dampeners, or a tube of tennis balls).
  • The winner of the group is the player with the most points at the end of the round
  • The winner of the group wins a certificate and tennis prizes
  • Where possible, winners of groups are promoted to the group above for the next round.

Getting started

New players will need to complete the player questionnaire before they can join a round. Once you’ve signed up, and for returning players you can join any of the upcoming rounds above.

For everything you need to know before you get started see the FAQs and review the Rules and Regulations, which all players agree to adhere to when playing in the leagues.

If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with Nigel, Sally and the team who will be happy to help!

Missing Something?

If you notice any of our venue information is out of date, missing court costs or opening hours please let us know.


Primary Venues

Blackheath Tennis Courts

Chesterfield Walk, London, SE10 8HJ
Tel: 020 8858 1692
full venue details »

Bostall Gardens

Viola Avenue, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 0TQ
full venue details »

Coldharbour Leisure Centre

Chapel Farm Road, Eltham, London, SE9 3LX
Tel: 020 8851 8692
full venue details »

Greenwich Park Tennis Centre

Royal Park, Greenwich, London, SE10 8QY
Tel: 020 8293 0276
full venue details »

Hornfair Park

Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, London, SE18 4QH
Tel: 020 8856 7389
full venue details »

Manor House Gardens

Old Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 5SU
full venue details »

Plumstead Common

Plumstead Common Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 7QR
Tel: 020 8921 6885
full venue details »

"Even though I lost, it totally restored my love of playing, hooray."

"Thanks a lot for taking the time to organise/run this.  Really enjoyed my matches and definitely up for another bash come August"

"It was a brilliant round. It was tough and challenging as most of the time I was not in form. However I am always eager to improve. Next round here I come again.", Sudeep Gurung

Sudeep Gurung

"Many thanks for organising all these games. It's great to see someone promoting tennis the way you do,"

Vlad Hanzlik

"I love the idea of finding some matches and having competive matches eventually after some good practice"


"I've only joined the Greenwich tennis league last summer and I'm pleased to say that I do really enjoy this. It's nice to have a games against different players and at the end of the day it's not only about tennis it's also nice to meet and make new friends. Thank you LTL! I am really looking forward to the next round in group 1!" 

Dmitrijs Kuzmins

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Collapse AllGreenwich Singles - Round 23 | Thursday 8 December 2016 to Wednesday 15 February 2017 (Midpoint: Wednesday 11 January 2017)

Current Rankings:

  1. Robert Dixon [W3, L1] 9 includes 2 bonus points
  2. Flaviu Turc [W2, L1] 4
  3. Paul Thompson [W1, L1] 3
  4. Timur Shakirov 10.2 [W1] 2
  5. Lateef Abdulsalam 8.2 [L3] 2 includes 2 bonus points
  6. Thierry Cambray 8.2 [L1] 1
  7. Dominic Bradley 7.2 withdrawn

Match Results:

Robert Dixon bt Paul Thompson (Jan 28) 0-6, 7-5, 6-0
Timur Shakirov bt Flaviu Turc (Jan 22) 6-0, 6-3
Flaviu Turc bt Lateef Abdulsalam (Jan 8) 6-1, 7-6 (8-6)
Paul Thompson bt Lateef Abdulsalam (Jan 8) 6-3, 6-3
Robert Dixon bt Lateef Abdulsalam (Jan 2) 6-1, 6-0
Robert Dixon bt Thierry Cambray (Dec 17) 6-1, 3-6, 6-4
Flaviu Turc bt Robert Dixon (Dec 11) 4-6, 6-2, 6-2

Current Rankings:

  1. Louis Vaughan Williams 7.2 [W3] 6
  2. Andrew Wright [W2, L1] 6 includes 2 bonus points
  3. Alastair Kidner [W2, L2] 6 includes 2 bonus points
  4. Neal Tuson [W1, L1] 3
  5. Don Greenwood [W1, L1] 2
  6. Ben Sheppee [L4] 1
  7. Josh Matthews 10.1
  8. Richard Halley 9.2

Match Results:

Reveal CommentNeal Tuson bt Ben Sheppee (Feb 5) 2-6, 6-2, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "As ever the scores do not reflect a game which was closer than it looked. Not sure the best player won, but an enjoyable match played in good spirit. Thanks for the game Ben."  -- Neal
Reveal CommentLouis Vaughan Williams bt Alastair Kidner (Jan 31) 6-2, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "A wet game under the lights on a cold January evening in Charlton; it was a close match with Al having many a break point, but often not quite managing to take advantage! The most important of which at 4 all in the second set with a chance to go 5-4 up he let me off by slamming a soft serve into the net - a few shots later and the game had gone my way. Another day things might have been different... A good game given the conditions, thanks again!"  -- Louis
Reveal CommentDon Greenwood bt Ben Sheppee (Jan 28) 7-6 (7-3), 7-6 (7-5)

Player Comments:

  • "thrilling game with passers by walking with their dogs or friends, stopping to watch the action in Greenwich Park tennis courts. Ups and downs in's and out's this match had everything. It's just amazing that at the end a winner was declared. Local ace and courtside manager Mark complimented the pair on their strokes after the match. Unbelievable action on a chilly January Saturday afternoon in South East London. Happy Days!"  -- Don
Reveal CommentAlastair Kidner bt Don Greenwood (Jan 7) 6-2, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "A good game on a slippy court in cold but calm conditions. Don hadn't played in a long time so was understandably rusty to begin with, but staged an impressive mid-set tie break to put Al under real pressure to close out the set. The second set saw perhaps a higher quality overall but saw the same pattern imerge, with Al's serve probably the difference overall. An odd aside; the number of animals that decided to visit the court! With all the pigeons, squirrels and crows that invaded the court at various points it was like an episode of farthing wood!"  -- Alastair
Reveal CommentAndrew Wright bt Alastair Kidner (Dec 24) 6-4, 7-6 (7-5)

Player Comments:

  • "A really high quality match in cold but otherwise good conditions. Andy made the quicker start and moved into a 4-1 lead without much trouble. Al began to fight back a bit more but Andy held serve well to win the first. The second was a slightly strange but satisfying match up, with both players struggling on their own serve but numerous games going to deuce alongside points with the shot count hitting the thirties. Despite going as far as the tie break, Andy was always just ahead throughout and deserved the victory. Well played!"-- Alastair
Reveal CommentAlastair Kidner bt Ben Sheppee (Dec 23) 6-1, 7-5

Player Comments:

  • "A good match in really tough, windy conditions. Al adjusted quickest in the first set and managed to see it out, but Ben staged a magnificent comeback from 4-1 down in the 2nd set to be within a couple of points of the set, with his lobs being particularly potent as the conditions eased up. In the end Al's serve just about got him over the line but the 2nd could have gone either way. Thanks for the great game Ben!" -- Alastair
Louis Vaughan Williams bt Ben Sheppee (Dec 23) 6-1, 6-1
Andrew Wright bt Neal Tuson (Dec 18) 6-4, 3-6, 6-1
Louis Vaughan Williams bt Andrew Wright (Dec 18) 6-1, 6-0

Current Rankings:

  1. Herve Savoure [W3, L1] 9 includes 2 bonus points
  2. Michael Robson 10.1 [W1, L2] 5 includes 2 bonus points
  3. Angus Bearn [W1, L2] 4 includes 2 bonus points
  4. Andrea De Baggis [W1] 2
  5. Roger Price 9.2 [W1, L1] 2
  6. Ruby Brown [L1]
  7. Osman Khan 10.2

Match Results:

Herve Savoure bt Roger Price (Jan 24) 6-0, 6-1
Reveal CommentRoger Price bt Angus Bearn (Dec 21) 7-6 (7-2), 7-6 (7-4)

Player Comments:

  • "A fine tussle with momentum shifting first towards Roger and then back with Angus in the second set. Ultimately, Roger was simply too strong and too fit, with excellent concentration to recover the second tie break from a 0-3 beginning. For a number of spectacular recoveries of apparently un-reachable balls, Roger earned the victory with true grit and style. "  -- Angus
Reveal CommentMichael Robson bt Angus Bearn (Dec 20) 6-3, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Great game with some amazing rallies on a crisp, cloudless (and windless) winter morning. Couldn't really ask for more. Thanks very much Angus - hope to see you soon!"  -- Michael
Andrea De Baggis bt Michael Robson (Dec 18) 6-0, 6-0
Herve Savoure bt Ruby Brown (Dec 17) 6-0, 6-4
Reveal CommentAngus Bearn bt Herve Savoure (Dec 15) 4-6, 7-6 (7-2), 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "A great match with Herve streaking ahead to take the first set and establishing a forceful 5-2 lead in the second with many devastating cross-court forehands at un-reachable angles. Angus escaped two (or three?) match points to steal a psychological advantage. Coupled with some lucky net calls, this was enough to grind out a stubborn victory against a player on superior form and with superior fire-power. "  -- Angus
Herve Savoure bt Michael Robson (Dec 14) 6-4, 3-6, 6-3

Current Rankings:

  1. Graham Cutting 9.1 [W3] 6
  2. Jamie Price 9.2 [W2, L2] 5
  3. Kevin O'Keeffe 9.2 [W2] 4
  4. Jason Greenwood 9.1 [L2] 1
  5. Alex Toderita 10.2 [L3]
  6. Qiang Guo 10.2

Match Results:

Graham Cutting bt Alex Toderita (Feb 8) 6-0, 6-1
Graham Cutting bt Jason Greenwood (Jan 31) 6-2, 6-3
Reveal CommentGraham Cutting bt Jamie Price (Jan 28) 6-1, 4-6, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Was a close match played in surprisingly blinding sunshine "  -- Graham
Jamie Price bt Jason Greenwood (Jan 21) 6-3, 4-6, 6-2
Jamie Price bt Alex Toderita (Jan 8) 6-0, 6-1
Kevin O'Keeffe bt Jamie Price (Jan 2) 6-3, 6-1
Kevin O'Keeffe bt Alex Toderita (Dec 11) 6-1, 6-2

Current Rankings:

  1. Antonio Jimenez 10.1 [W3] 6
  2. Ed Gyde 9.2 [W2, L1] 5
  3. John Archdeacon 10.2 [W1, L2] 2
  4. Carl Parsons 10.2 [L3] 1
  5. Oliver Brown
  6. Tsvetan Drakaliev 10.2

Match Results:

Reveal CommentAntonio Jimenez bt Carl Parsons (Feb 12) 2-6, 6-2, 7-5

Player Comments:

  • "Good match, had to change my style as was not working with Carl. Have to say that the tennis courts were very slippery and full of debris and dump, so I was struggling to stay on both feet, what also impacted my game. Won't repeat playing on these courts for sure."  -- Antonio
Reveal CommentEd Gyde bt Carl Parsons (Jan 29) 6-0, 6-0

Player Comments:

  • "Some good rallies on a blustery day. thanks for the game carl "  -- Ed
Reveal CommentAntonio Jimenez bt Ed Gyde (Jan 28) 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (7-0)

Player Comments:

  • "Very enjoyable match with Ed. Thanks for the match Ed, and let's repeat it soon!"  -- Antonio
Reveal CommentEd Gyde bt John Archdeacon (Jan 20) 6-4, 6-1

Player Comments:

  • "A frosty, slipping and sliding sort of match in biting temperatures. A hard fought first set where the glare of the sun and frosty surface put us both off a little. Second set: my serve and groundstrokes were a bit better and I managed to get the win. Thanks for the match John "  -- Ed
Antonio Jimenez bt John Archdeacon (Jan 11) 6-1, 6-1
John Archdeacon bt Carl Parsons (Jan 10) 6-1, 7-5


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The results listed here include the current and previous rounds for Greenwich. 

Scoring Information:
You earn one point for every set you win. Players who complete three or more matches by the mid-point of the round receive 2 bonus points, and a free can of balls which we will post to you.

Player, [LTA rating], [win/loss/tie tally], points won

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