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This is how it works:

  • Players are organised into groups of up to 8 people of a similar standard
  • Contact details are emailed
  • Players arrange their own matches
  • It is a mixed sex, singles league, so men and women play each other
  • You can play on any court that suits both players

The league is:

  • For everybody!
  • We welcome beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Don't worry that you won't be good enough - playing matches is the best way to improve, and we use an online questionnaire to assess people's ability so you play only people of a roughly similar level
  • Affiliated to the LTA For adults aged 18 years and above 

Key points

  • Matches are best of three sets; if a set reaches 6 games all it is decided by a tiebreak
  • The evening before the round starts you will receive an email with all the contact details of the players in your group
  • Players are placed in groups according to past performance in the league and, for new players, their Player Standard Questionnaire
  • Each player attempts to play each of the other player on their group once during the round
  • If you complete three matches before the midpoint of a round you receive 2 bonus points and a bonus prize (either a pair of Local Tennis Leagues dampeners, or a tube of tennis balls).
  • The winner of the group is the player with the most points at the end of the round
  • The winner of the group wins a certificate and tennis prizes
  • Where possible, winners of groups are promoted to the group above for the next round.

Getting started

New players will need to complete the player questionnaire before they can join a round. Once you’ve signed up, and for returning players you can join any of the upcoming rounds above.

For everything you need to know before you get started see the FAQs and review the Rules and Regulations, which all players agree to adhere to when playing in the leagues.

If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with Nigel, Sally and the team who will be happy to help!

Missing Something?

If you notice any of our venue information is out of date, missing court costs or opening hours please let us know.


Primary Venues

Ladywell Fields - North

London, SE13 7XG
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Other Venues

Chinbrook Meadows

Amblecote Road, London, SE12 9TS
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Hilly Fields

Adelaide Avenue, Ladywell, London, SE4 1LD
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Manor House Gardens

Taunton Road, Lee, London, SE12 8PB
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Mountsfield Park

The Lodge, Stainton Road, London, SE6 1AN
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Sydenham Wells Park

London, SE26 6QL
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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Telegraph Hill Park

Kitto Road, London, SE14 5TN
Tel: 020 8318 3986
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First competitive tennis I'd ever played, really enjoyed it. Had to dig deep in some games and was surprised to come out on top. All the other players were super friendly and I'll probably be meeting some of them for an informal game in the near future. Thanks.

Jamie Barrs

"Has been 15 years and a total hip replacement since I have taken to the tennis courts so really enjoyed it! Surprised, but happy to come out on top!"

"​This league is a fantastic initiative and I'm delighted I've found it and can continue to be part of it. Having lived in other parts of the UK, getting access to tennis like this is not something I've experienced anywhere else across the country, given typically you need to join a club, play doubles and it's all very regimented - and often too it can be expensive which inhibits access for many. I'll continue to play for hopefully many years to come!",

Jordan Cordner

This was a really competitive round with a high standard of tennis being played. It was a good turnout considering it was the inaugural round, I'm looking forward to getting the next round underway!

Chris Jeppesen

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Collapse AllLadywell Fields Singles - Round 5 | Thursday 27 April 2017 to Wednesday 21 June 2017 (Midpoint: Wednesday 24 May 2017)

Current Rankings:

  1. Joe Randall [W4] 10 includes 2 bonus points
  2. Ryan Tran [W3, L1] 9 includes 2 bonus points
  3. Jordan Cordner [W3] 8 includes 2 bonus points
  4. Julian Leichtmann [W3, L2] 8 includes 2 bonus points
  5. Christopher Jeppesen 9.1 [W2, L3] 8 includes 2 bonus points
  6. Rob Lye 9.2 [W2, L2] 7 includes 2 bonus points
  7. Minh Tran [L5] 3 includes 2 bonus points
  8. Patrick Bradley 10.1 [L4] 2 includes 2 bonus points

Match Results:

Reveal CommentRyan Tran bt Christopher Jeppesen (May 21) 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (9-7)

Player Comments:

  • "The most intense match so far. Amazing games!!! And well done Chris! "  -- Ryan
Rob Lye bt Minh Tran (May 21) 7-5, 6-3
Julian Leichtmann bt Patrick Bradley (May 20) 6-3, 6-3
Reveal CommentJordan Cordner bt Christopher Jeppesen (May 20) 7-6, 2-6, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "A great and very long game! Both of us going through spells of top form whilst the other dipped, then some incredibly long games when we were both hitting form. Really enjoyable and very hard work!"  -- Jordan
Reveal CommentChristopher Jeppesen bt Patrick Bradley (May 19) 7-5, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "A really close game played in slippery conditions up on hilly fields. The first set went back and forth between me and Patrick with more breaks than holds and both of us careful not to lose our footing moving from one side of the court to the other. Luckily the momentum swung in my favour at the right time and I was able to clinch the first set. The second set was equally as close but with my serve becoming slightly more consistent I was able to dig in my heels and win a couple of the big points. Cheers for the match Patrick!"  -- Christopher
Joe Randall bt Minh Tran (May 14) 6-4, 6-1
Reveal CommentJulian Leichtmann bt Ryan Tran (May 14) 4-6, 6-4, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Such a great match, really enjoyed it. Julian played so well."  -- Ryan
  • "Good game," -- Julian
Jordan Cordner bt Julian Leichtmann (May 13) 6-4, 7-6
Reveal CommentChristopher Jeppesen bt Minh Tran (May 13) 6-2, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "A really close game with plenty of long hard fought rallies. Some top quality tennis to do justice to the top quality new courts. Cheers Minh!"  -- Christopher
Reveal CommentRyan Tran bt Minh Tran (May 11) 6-4, 1-6, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "A great match, so many deuces. 3 sets but felt like we played 5 sets :-). "  -- Ryan
Julian Leichtmann bt Christopher Jeppesen (May 7) 7-5, 6-3
Jordan Cordner bt Minh Tran (May 7) 6-1, 6-0
Joe Randall bt Patrick Bradley (May 6) 6-1, 6-1
Reveal CommentJoe Randall bt Julian Leichtmann (May 4) 6-2, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "Great, exhausting, game played in the failing light at Ladywell Fields South with some epic rallies. Slightly glad I caught Julian as he's still getting back into his game - this match will have a *much* closer scoreline in the next round!"  -- Joe
Reveal CommentJoe Randall bt Rob Lye (May 1) 6-1, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Great match in tough, wet, slippy conditions. Loads of deuces - much closer than the scoreline suggests!"  -- Joe
Reveal CommentRob Lye bt Patrick Bradley (Apr 30) 6-2, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Really close match with a lot of long rallies ! A lot closer than the score suggests."  -- Rob
Ryan Tran bt Rob Lye (Apr 29) 6-4, 4-6, 6-3

Current Rankings:

  1. Maja Sabic [W4] 10 includes 2 bonus points
  2. Paul Rubinstein 10.1 [W3] 8 includes 2 bonus points
  3. Taihei Yamamoto 9.2 [L1] 1
  4. Ben Sheppee [L2]
  5. Rob Cannings [L2]
  6. Roger Price 9.2 [L2]
  7. Michael Underwood 10.2
  8. Valentin Kasitskiy

Match Results:

Maja Sabic bt Rob Cannings (May 21) 6-4, 6-2
Maja Sabic bt Taihei Yamamoto (May 20) 7-6 (9-7), 2-6, 6-4
Reveal CommentPaul Rubinstein bt Roger Price (May 19) 7-6 (7-5), 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "A bit of an epic on the brand new Manor House Gardens courts. The first set was very long but after 1,5 hours of tennis I somehow won it, despite Roger saving several set points. In the second set we both seemed to control our shots better and there were lots of long rallies with great saves from both players. "  -- Paul
Reveal CommentMaja Sabic bt Ben Sheppee (May 19) 6-2, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "Almost cancelled, again! Due to rain.. But once we started, it was an enjoyable match, on a wet court. Lots of sliding! "  -- Maja
Reveal CommentPaul Rubinstein bt Ben Sheppee (May 17) 6-4, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Very slippery. We actually started the match in Hilly Fields, but then moved to the slightly drier Telegraph Hill Courts. Movement was pretty limited so turned out to be a game of short rallies, where making one reasonably angled shot often was enough to win a point. Thanks for the match Ben! "  -- Paul
Reveal CommentPaul Rubinstein bt Rob Cannings (May 9) 6-0, 7-5

Player Comments:

  • "Enjoyable match! Rob hits the ball very hard but made a few too many errors in the first set. Second set was cagey, with a lower tempo and more risk-averse tennis. In the end I managed to just get over the line, which I was happy about as I felt the tide turning and wasn't particularly confident about a third set... "  -- Paul
  • "After a rusty start I prevented humiliation! But Paul was a deserving winner!" -- Rob
Maja Sabic bt Roger Price (May 6) 6-2, 7-5

Current Rankings:

  1. Shamil Sharshek 10.2 [W3, L1] 8 includes 2 bonus points
  2. Lahiru Dayananda 10.2 [W1, L2] 4 includes 2 bonus points
  3. Tom Gilberthorpe [W1] 2
  4. James Lindop [W1] 2
  5. Andy Bridge [W1, L1] 2
  6. David French [L2]
  7. Tom Springall [L1]
  8. Elijah Lyons 10.2

Match Results:

Reveal CommentAndy Bridge bt Lahiru Dayananda (May 21) 6-3, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Great game, Lahiru has not been playing long but has all the shots and reads the game well."  -- Andy
Reveal CommentShamil Sharshek bt Tom Springall (May 16) 6-2, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "A nice match played in humid conditions. Tom is coming back to a match fitness. Thanks for the match."  -- Shamil
Reveal CommentJames Lindop bt Andy Bridge (May 13) 6-4, 7-5

Player Comments:

  • "A very enjoyable match of tennis and a great workout! The first set was neck and neck until I managed to break at 5-4 up to give me the first set. The second set started with two marathon games which I lost as Andy jumped out to a 3-0 lead. I managed to claw my way back into the set and took the second set and the match 7-5. It proved to be a very evenly matched game of tennis with enough of the crucial moments going my way to give me the win. "  -- James
Reveal CommentTom Gilberthorpe bt Shamil Sharshek (May 11) 6-3, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Great match. Lots of rallying and running. Really enjoyed it. "  -- Tom
Reveal CommentLahiru Dayananda bt David French (May 10) 6-4, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "We both took a while to find our feet after some shaky initial games. An enjoyable match overall, on a nice sunny evening!"  -- Lahiru
Reveal CommentShamil Sharshek bt Lahiru Dayananda (May 8) 7-5, 6-2

Player Comments:

  • "A very enjoyable match to play on new courts. The first set was up and down. Thanks for a nice match Lahiru."  -- Shamil
Reveal CommentShamil Sharshek bt David French (Apr 29) 6-1, 6-0

Player Comments:

  • "A very enjoyable match. David hasn't played much recently so was a bit out of practice. Thanks for the coffee afterwards. :-)"  -- Shamil

Current Rankings:

  1. Jim Gleeson [W1, UF2] 4
  2. Victor Ikie [W1, L1] 3
  3. Tony Neville 10.1 [W1, L1, UF1] 3
  4. David Emery 10.2 [L1, UF1] 2
  5. Macalister Bexon 10.1
  6. Matt Ramsden
  7. Octavia Holland
  8. Richard Greenaway

Match Results:

Jim Gleeson bt Victor Ikie (May 20) 6-3, 1-6, 6-4
Reveal CommentVictor Ikie bt Tony Neville (May 20) 6-4, 6-3

Player Comments:

  • "Rained off"  -- Tony
Jim Gleeson v David Emery (May 10) 3-6, 6-3, 4-4 TBC
Reveal CommentTony Neville bt David Emery (May 9) 6-4, 3-6, 6-4

Player Comments:

  • "Close match, I just about managed to scrape a win with a break of serve in the final game."  -- Tony
Reveal CommentTony Neville v Jim Gleeson (May 3) 6-2, 6-7 (5-7) TBC

Player Comments:

  • "Tightly contested match so far, especially the 2nd set where there were some very long rallies, and we both had chances before Jim won the final few points of the tie-break. The courts were then locked up so we shall have to play the final set another day."  -- Tony

Current Rankings:

  1. Greg Matthews [W1] 2
  2. Chi Ukachuku 10.2 [W1] 2
  3. Peter Mountney [L2] 1
  4. Clare Tempest
  5. John McMahon
  6. Stefan Stefan
  7. Thomas Mees 10.2

Match Results:

Chi Ukachuku bt Peter Mountney (May 6) 7-5, 0-6, 6-4
Greg Matthews bt Peter Mountney (May 1) 6-1, 6-4


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You earn one point for every set you win. Players who complete three or more matches by the mid-point of the round receive 2 bonus points, and a free can of balls which we will post to you.

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