21 November 2018

100 matches and counting!

Martin Byatt

Martin (pictured returning from an early Sunday morning match) has played more than 100 matches in five different leagues since first joining LTL in 2015. Most recently he finished as a group winner in Hove. He told us about his league highlights so far 

I used to play tennis as a child with street friends in the communal back gardens in Glasgow with a piece of rope as the net! I then progressed to playing in the local park and eventually to the dizzy heights of the Local Tennis Leagues!

I used to see a poster for the league in Dulwich Park and joined up when my brother-in-law (my usual opponent) went around South America on his motorbike for a year.

I like the freedom of singles. I find doubles too intimidating unless it's totally for fun. My style is best described as unpredictable - nobody knows what I'm going to do, especially me!

My best moments have often been very close wins or defeats where we've both played our best tennis and had great rallies or shots. I had a very long game in the Worthing league recently in boiling heat and Helen and I had to basically collapse afterwards to recover before going home.... I regularly play league opponents in friendly matches after the group games have finished.

I'm quite an obsessive person so being in the league has not only driven my wife mad but also means I can check on anyone's form in any of the groups I've played in: Belair & Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Greenwich, Hove, Adur &Worthing (can you organise some foreign tours for us??)

I'd encourage anyone and everyone to join the league no matter their ability or age - I’ve learnt so much about spin from a 75-year-old - and the mental side of the game is crucial!

If Martin has inspired you to get back on court, the next round in Hove kicks off on 29th November and is open for entries here.