11 December 2020

6 Matches in 6 Days

Yannick Argac


Yannick was so keen to get back on court that he almost finished all his LTL matches in the first week of the Round!


It was amazing to be back on a tennis court and play a Local Tennis League match in Battersea Park, even if it meant that my opponent and I had to play under the rain on an extremely cold night. We still managed to play a full match, although I don’t recommend this if you want to avoid injuries!

It has been a very tough year for tennis lovers as courts have been closed for a major part of the year and we were all very sad when it was announced that tennis courts would be closed during the second lockdown in November. I missed playing tennis so much during the first lockdown, I ended up playing against an old wall in a park (see how desperate I was to come back on a court).

So as you can imagine, I was very delighted when I heard that tennis was back, and saw that the Battersea League would be starting as soon as the 3rd of December. I made sure to book courts on each day and scheduled matches with nearly all the members of Group 1. This resulted in 6 matches in 6 days with 4 victories, 1 defeat and 1 unfinished match (we had to stop because of the rain). 

I really enjoy playing in different Local Tennis Leagues as it is a great way to play competitive tennis with local people and meet new players in your area. I am also very competitive, so having to play game for a ranking and having the possibility to go up a group or down a group every league is very motivating for me and makes me play better. 

Hope to see you on Battersea Park tennis courts very soon (I am easily recognizable with my knee braces and funky shorts)!


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