15 May 2020

Are you #BackOnCourt? We want to hear from you!

In England it is now possible to play appropriately-distanced singles matches, to play singles or doubles with members of your household or even to have a one-on-one coaching lesson. While you wait for your league to restart, we want to hear your #BackOnCourt stories!

Pic by ARNHEL DE SERRA for Local Tennis leagues.
Taken before lockdown (benches may now be removed from court to conform with safety guidelines) 


It is important that all players observe the new guidance for playing tennis. Please see the information here.

How has the lockdown wait been for you, and what did it feel like to be finally back on court? Have you managed to sneak in a friendly singles match, or played doubles with your family? Have you got a match lined up for the weekend?

For the moment, if you are in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you will have to wait a little longer. But in England, some play is now possible - as long as you observe the new guidance.

Send us your account (by email or social media), with the score and if possible a picture or two and we will publish as many as we can in the Roundup.

We'll award a can of tennis balls to the #BackOnCourt entry of the week!

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