25 July 2019

From the Big Apple to Dockands and Lee Valley: the New Yorker inspired by Nadal

Kurt Williams

Always a fan of tennis, Kurt, a New Yorker, had no opportunity to play tennis until he came to London. Now a regular of at least two London leagues, he admits he is obsessed and cannot play enough

I have always been a spectator fan of tennis since I was young. Ilie Nastase was my first tennis hero and my next hero was Andre Agassi. Now of course it is Rafa Nadal.

However I never had the opportunity to play myself. It was only when I moved to London from New York City that I began to play in an adult social which lead to only wanting to play more tennis. I met one of my best friends in the adult tennis course in Tower Hamlets and we try to play once a week when he's around

I was interested in the league as I thought it would be a great way to play more tennis. You can’t always rely on friends being available or, as the case maybe with me, as being obsessed with playing as much tennis as I can get in! I love the challenge that it is only you out there on the court opposite your opponent. Only you to rely on, with your own mental and physical abilities.

My style of play is quite competitive, all the while laughing through almost the whole match. Nadal is my inspiration.

My game has improved leaps and bounds since I began the league. I'm definitely not the player I was at the beginning. That is a great thing!

I’ve achieved many of my goals during the past league groups. Most of the matches are memorable as there are some great players in the leagues. It’s great to play the same people in different mixes as that helps to remind you of your own game and where it has improved (or not!).

I am constantly recommending the league to anyone and everyone I see with a tennis racket. I hope I have encouraged the league to grow. By setting up the leagues, Sally and Nigel have done an amazing thing that we are all grateful for!!! 

The next round of the Docklands Tennis League runs from 29 August to 23 October. Click here to join by 26 August.