4 April 2018

Can't stop winning!

Tomasz Wojtak

'I've been playing tennis for about 20 years.

I stopped playing singles for a number of years and decided to get back into it. So I entered, and won the Warrington League.

After relocating last year, I entered the Southampton League to continue getting back into playing singles again. So far, I have won the previous three Southampton leagues, and am also top of the Portsmouth League, so it's been good to get the rust off.

In the five LTLs I've played I have so far won every match without dropping a set. I have found it useful for working on match fitness, or areas of my game I want to practise.    

I think I have been successful in these leagues because I have good experience, enjoy competing and give 100%.   

If I could give a tip to someone playing in the leagues, I would say play as many matches as you can to gain experience, but focus on your performance more than the result. If your performance is consistently good, your game will improve, and ultimately your results. 

I have played many different styles of player, but mostly counterpunchers or consistent baseliners. I don't mind which game style I come up against, as I have an all-court game, and believe if my performance is good I will have opportunities to win.

Although I am confident of many more wins, I am not complacent, so will continue to work hard to improve. 

The leagues are a great opportunity to play more matches, meet fellow players, improve your game and fitness. They're fun to play, as you face a range of styles and nationalities. I have played Spanish, Italian, and Polish nationalities just to name a few.' 


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