17 September 2018

Chelmsford's Hard Hitter

Carmel Jane

Being diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago, made Carmel realise the enormous value of exercise. Now she has the tennis bug!

Carmel JaneTwo years ago, I signed my boys up to tennis lessons and they had some adults beginners lessons on offer, so I signed up  too. Then I just got ‘the bug’ and was having lessons three times a week.  I think I am addicted! Added to that, I had stage 2 breast cancer 9 years ago. Evidence suggests that exercise is the most important preventative against reoccurrence, which makes playing a double motivation.

I think I heard about the league through the LTA.  I am a member of a club and most of the matches are for doubles, which I enjoy but probably prefer singles, so this is perfect.

The physicality of singles and the thrill of hitting a great winner is probably the best bit.  My style is quite aggressive and I love hitting the ball hard, although am l am learning to be a bit more subtle and add a few drops shots now!

Everyone in the league has been so lovely and friendly, just everyone!  I have been in the league a year and have had a few 3 hour matches, which are tough but still give a great sense of satisfaction.

My biggest disappointment is that I have been second in nearly every time - I will get promoted one day!

I get really nervous before matches, which I know is ridiculous as it is just for fun, but I am so competitive.  Losing when I have played well is fine and I keep it in perspective as my primary aim is to have fun and get exercise.

The league is fantastic, so well run, the website works brilliantly and I have only met really lovely people.  It is a wonderful way to work on my singles and get some intense exercise.  The winter months can be tough when it is cold, but that makes it even more important to get out there and exercise.