24 August 2018

Chelmsford's Tennis Aces

League Results
Tom Auston bt Maximillian Schneider 6-3, 6-7, 6-1
Tom Auston666
Maximillian Schneider 371

Tom and Maximillian (or is it Mario and Luigi?) played their own game of Mario Tennis Aces on the courts of Chelmsford: 

"Really enjoyable match against a very tricky opponent. Max 'the spin' Schneider would lure you to the net in the hope of tasting the sweet necture of a volley winner, only to crush your dreams by nailing a lob over your head - leaving you helpless like a penguin in peanut butter. A match with plenty of deuce games and Mario Tennis style points, even the Friday night bowls faithful were looking up from their jacks to get a glimpse of the tennis on offer. After cautiously sussing each other out like a couple of new born kittens in the first set, we went at it like lions in the second and thankfully I could push forward in the third to take the match - though the score isn't a reflection of the actual play. Really enjoyed playing Max, top guy!" Tom

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