10 April 2018

Epic tennis matches in Milton Keynes

Renato Campesi

Over the last few years, our Milton Keynes tennis league has become home to tales of epic matches as players from around the town do battle. He might look equally at home on a kitesurfing board, but this week it was Renato Campesi's turn to talk tennis, and as he admits, he's a player for whom epic battles on the courts of Milton Keynes and Oxford are a weekly routine!

'I started playing regular tennis in 2010 and joined LTL in 2012. My favourite match has to be from last year against Chris Pucci, it lasted 3 days and more than 4 hours!'

Renato's impressively long match results have seen him wrack up a creditable 48% win rate over his 46 matches and counting! Something he puts down to his style of play.

'Quite often my matches end at the 3rd set. It's not always the case, but I do tend to have more energy than my opponents, which at times helps. Long rallies might not be my strong points, but unless someone is much stronger than me, I can win (and lose) against almost anyone (my problem is that sometimes concentration lacks)!'

The beauty of Local Tennis Leagues is in the flexibility of the matches. You really can play on any public court that suits you, and with our LTA and local authority backing, it means you'll never run out of choice in Milton Keynes! And as Renato explains, it's easy to be flexible;

'So far I think I've tried almost all of the facilities in Milton Keynes, it really depends on whatever is easier for the other player (I’m quite flexible).'

And there are a wealth of facilities to try in the area, our Milton Keynes website here has detail on all of our suggested venues including: Oakgrove Leisure Centre, Shenley Leisure Centre, Stantonbury Campus Leisure Centre, The Brook End Sports Centre, Castlethorpe Village, Milton Keynes Tennis Club, Stony Stratford Lawn Tennis Club and Great Brickhill Tennis Club.

And so what sort of player will tennis players of Milton Keynes be coming up against if they are to face Renato?

'I tend to run a lot and variate my shots during a rally, my style mostly depends on whether the first serve goes in. If it goes in it can open me up to more options.

I think the league works in a good format and I've already suggested joining to a friend, so let's see if they'll join!'

All the best for all of your upcoming tennis Renato and thanks for chatting!

If you fancy taking on the tennis league in Milton Keynes, why not sign-up for this week's upcoming round. Be quick to secure your place at https://localtennisleagues.com/miltonkeynes/rounds/singles/21