Equipping for success

This week we visited Decathlon's new store on Kensington High Street to find out their top tips for tennis equipment! We chatted with Luke, Decathlon's tennis expert & LTA qualified coach, and Nat, Decathlon's running expert.

With the launch of The Roundup we thought we'd find out exactly what our competition winner can expect from the Aero G Babolat racket available to win here.

Luke believes the racket is a great tool for the modern player.

'The Aero G Babolat is really lightweight, so it's ideal for nifty players who want to get around the court quickly. If you look to play with a lot of topspin and put players under pressure from the baseline then your game can work very well with the racket.'

The Aero G might be a great fit for the modern, topspin player, but it's also a very powerful racket.

'If you're looking to really hit through the ball then Aero G is a quality choice to go with. The head shape and build of the racket is pretty much designed for players who want to unleash some big shots!'

And as for getting around the court? Nat (who coaches tennis players on acceleration and movement) insists you take care in choosing your footwear!

'Players using this kind of racket are going to want to get around the court well. I think it's really important that you choose the right footwear, plenty of cushioning is important for tennis players. Next time you're buying a pair of shoes, it's vital that you find one that isn't too heal heavy so you can shift your weight easily! You need to find a comfy shoe that that fits snugly, with the amount of turning and twisting that you'll do during a game, it's worthwhile investing in some good quality shoes that aren't going to break when you've just had to turn quickly to retrieve a lob from the net!'  

It was great to celebrate the opening of the new Decathlon, Kensington High Street store with the launch of this very blog. Thanks for having us guys!

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Enjoy the tennis!