23 August 2018

Feel like an Olympian!

Bruce Stallard

Inspired to play at a former Olympic venue after the London 2012 Olympics, 62-year-old Bruce Stallard is not letting age stand in the way of his enjoyment of tennis

I have been playing in the league for 4 or 5 years now. I initially joined because I wanted to play against a variety of people in a local park situation. I also had a desire to play at the Lee Valley venue after the Olympics and the euphoria that surrounded it. I have tried leagues at two other venues since and I still like Lee Valley the best – the indoor courts are a real bonus in the winter months.

I have enjoyed playing a variety of opponents and meeting lots of interesting people. In one match I played a guy who’s a crane lift driver!  The tennis is friendly too, and although everyone sticks to the ethos of the rules we will play a let when a ball is called out that could have been in (don’t tell Nigel!).  

I’m 62, so from where I stand, a win against a younger opponent is always a memorable moment. I always remember my last victory and look forward to the next one too. If I had a tip (it might even be a life lesson) to pass on, it would be just to be yourself – if you’ve only got a sliced backhand just run with it.

Would I recommend the league? Definitely, and I have already done so. I used to play at a club and encouraged the members there to join and meet some new players.

There is still time to join the next round of Lee Valley Tennis league, which runs from 6th September to 31st October. If you would like to play sign up here by 3rd September.