23 April 2019

Finding a common language

League Results
Nick Lyell bt Pedro Figueroa (Apr 18) 4-6, 6-1, 6-4
Nick Lyell466
Pedro Figueroa614

Despite being regulars in the Belair & Dulwich Parks league, Nick and Pedro had never previously crossed paths on court until their meeting in group four of the current round. As first encounters go,  this is one that will certainly be remembered by both players: 

"What a match", These were the words Rita used to describe the fixture in an e-mail which she sent us both. Indeed, it was one of those matches where aces, volleys, and lobs were features of great length, so much so that Nick and I had to lace up our trainers tight enough to avoid losing control of it. On top of that, it was a match where the sun and the moon, in one of those rare occasions, decided to make an appearance together to watch the skills of two people from different parts of the world who had never met in a competitive match, and who found a common language in the sport of tennis to measure their strength in a pastime where taking part and socializing are as important as doing something about climate change and global warming!" Pedro 

You can follow how Nick and Pedro get on in the rest of the round here. Good luck to you both!