20 October 2021

Fun & Friendship On Court

Sandra O'Neill

I cannot describe how much joy the League, and the local players, have given me.

I moved to Norwich in May 2019. Whilst exploring my new local surroundings, I came across a poster advertising the Norwich Local Tennis League, and I immediately signed up for the next available Round!

I admit, I was initially nervous, however from the moment I played my first match, the nerves simply evaporated. Reason being was that my fellow players were just so friendly, and regardless of our varying tennis levels, the respect, patience, and tolerance was never doubted. As such, I have continued to play in every Round, ever since.

I cannot describe how much joy the League, and the local players, have given me. I would thoroughly recommend (and do so), to anyone thinking of picking up a tennis racket for the first time, to any advanced player. As well as the inevitable challenge that tennis brings, there is just as much fun and friendship!


When did you first start playing tennis and what was your early tennis experience like?

My first ever tennis experience was 8 weeks of coaching at the age of 9. I played socially until I was 28 and then had a large gap due to children coming along. I returned at 52 and continued with some coaching at 54.

What have been some of the benefits of LTL and tennis for you?

Playing in Local Tennis Leagues has not only improved my tennis, but helped me meet so many new tennis friends.

What is your tennis claim to fame?

I played at Roehampton in 2018, it was a charity match that included former professional player, Marcus Willis.


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