21 February 2020

Goals set, goals met

Ogba Ogbimi

Ogba's brother introduced him to tennis but when he left tennis for cricket, Ogba kept playing. Drawn to the competitive element, the mental skills he had to learn and the way it kept him fit, he is very glad he kept at it.

I got into tennis because of my elder brother. He taught me to play the game and was very influential in my getting to love it. Funnily enough though he left tennis to become a cricket coach!  But I just love the rallies, the different shots and I love the intensity, energy, and skills you need. I like to serve and volley and I have an attacking style of play.

The reason I joined the league was to remain active while playing in a friendly and fun environment. I also like the way the league is cost effective and competitive, and playing within my own planned schedule suits me. The league has helped many aspects of my game I would say, particularly the psychological part. I have developed mental routines to overcome nerves and keep me focused. Playing these kind of games, there are usually many distractions; external ie shouting from other courts or coaching sessions as same time as your match! But I have been consistent about keeping focused and blank out these distractions as I play different players. I have also achieved my goal to remain fit after I had foot surgery in 2018.

I have been lucky enough to play some interesting, competitive, and memorable matches but one with Paul sticks in my mind. We played in Chalkwell Park in Southend.  He makes make you work!  It’s also good to see such a work rate from many of the older players like myself in the league.
Oh yes, I would definitely recommend the league. I have told many friends. It would be good to see them playing in such a friendly and yet competitive forum.

The next round of the Southend Tennis League starts on 27 February. Join here by Monday 24 February.