28 June 2019

Go fetch! The Local League player who rescued a dog from half way around the world

William Fleming

William Fleming offered to help LTL by putting up posters in his local Edinburgh park to get more players playing. This time, he had a new four-legged helper

I played tennis in Cork at school level and won a Munster doubles championship when I was 16. I loved watching Wimbledon where I would cheer on Tim Henman annually only to be disappointed over and over again. I joined the league as it's a great way to get back into tennis and meet other people who share a passion for tennis. It accommodates all levels so there are plenty of people at your level to play against and I would definitely recommend others join. 

I offered to help put up posters in my local park in Edinburgh as I wanted to ensure that it was advertised in my area so people would take part. The more the merrier! Last time, I had some help from our dog Morley.

My wife and I met Morley on honeymoon in Sri Lanka last year. She was a street dog who would sleep outside our apartment. She was skin and bones and would be chased by the hotel staff daily. We couldn't leave her. So when we left Sri Lanka we immediately got in touch with a charity who took her in. They fed her and ensured she had all the relevant vaccinations. Back in Edinburgh, we held a pub quiz to raise funds to bring her to the UK but we paid the majority of the cost.

Morley flew from Colombo to Brussels and on to Edinburgh by car. She arrived on 30 March this year. We were lucky that the charity who looked after her always kept in touch with pictures and updates on her progress. Organising the drive from Brussels to Edinburgh wasn't easy but she arrived on time and more importantly, safely.  

She is loving Edinburgh though she's not sure about the weather! Sometimes I think she misses only the sun! She doesn't chase tennis balls but she likes to sniff them and she loves the smell of brand new ones. I haven't taken her to a match yet but once she is more settled, she will be my number one fan I'm sure. 

As for my tennis, I'm a much better player than I was prior to joining and I've met some really nice people along the way. It's a brilliant tool to develop your game and most importantly, it's fun. I would recommend it 100%.

The next round in Inverleith Park starts on 4 July. To have a go, join here