13 December 2018

Green machine!

David Green

David "the machine" Green has played in 13 out of the last 15 Cheltenham Parks' rounds, what a record!

I got into tennis through a group friends. We played social games in the picturesque courts at Montpellier Gardens in Cheltenham. It’s a stunning play to play. Tennis is a great way to meet people and keep fit and I joined the league to play more games and improve my tennis. I like to be competitive! I’ve been in the league for three years and had a great time. There has even been the occasional good shot!

During a match, I always think to myself, there is a game in there somewhere! You hit that one good shot, whether it was a serve, base-line shot or a volley. Always remember the good shots. There are too many bad ones to think about! .

All the matches have been enjoyable, win or lose. They have all been competitive. I have improved my own game, had a great time and above all, I have met some fantastic people. Whatever your standard or if you’re looking to improve, Local Tennis Leagues is a fantastic way to meet people, keep fit, enjoy tennis and have FUN.

If you would like to join David and the gang you can find dates for future rounds here.