21 August 2020

Hear about Sophie's experience picking up a tennis racquet once again!

Sophie Longhurst

Sophie made her debut into the leagues this July and got in touch to let us all know how much fun she was having! We thought we’d find out more about Sophie and what made her get into tennis…


How did you get into tennis and how long have you been playing for? 

"My mother liked playing tennis and I attended a tennis camp every Summer holiday from a young age until I was about 12 years old. I played a bit at school but wasn't in the team. I have been playing with my 14 year old son sporadically over the last 8 years."


What do you like about it? 

"I really enjoy playing. It is a great feeling when the ball connects with the racquet at just the right place and the shot goes where I want it to!"


What made you join the league?

"My child is older now and I am working from home so I have a lot more time to play matches."


What's your style of play usually?

"At the moment my style of play is not consistent and I am playing too many unforced errors. However I have signed up to coaching and hope to improve quickly."


What was it like playing your first match after some time off court?

"It was really good. I felt that I had just picked up exactly where I left off."


Any goals achieved and/or memorable matches, or things you have been pleased to work on? How have you found your return to tennis in general? 

"It has been a really positive experience and my goal is to improve my game in time for the Autumn league. I am definitely a lower standard than my competitors. However, although I haven't won any matches, I feel I have produced some good rallies and the odd winning shot. I am looking into a weekly group lesson which should help raise my game."


Would you recommend the league? 

"I would definitely recommend the league. Everyone has been friendly and it has been really easy to organise the matches. I have completed 5 matches so just a few more to go. It really has been a pleasure!"



Thanks, Sophie, for providing a snapshot into your experience with the Barnes & Sheen league. The next round starts on 17 September and you can join here.