20 April 2018

Here comes the sun!

With 20 degrees plus throughout the UK, our players really have made the most of a wonderful week for tennis.

Nearly 1000 Local Tennis Leagues matches were played this week. It really is looking like a great time to get out on court! According to BBC News, Thursday the 19th was the hottest April day since 1949, and with the great weather expected to continue, it seems to have got you, our sun-loving leaguers into a pretty good mood!

'A very enjoyable match on a beautifully warm evening. The game was much closer than the score suggests with lots of deuces. Good fun!' - Sarah, Islington Women's League

'Another very enjoyable game with Steve played in excellent spirits.  The weather was extemely hot and we were both pleased that we did not have to play another set.  The match swung to extremes, both of us winning and losing games easily.  Thanks Steve and look forward to our next encounter!' - Judy, Reading League

'What better way to spend a warm sunny evening than hitting a furry yellow ball around set to the backdrop of increasingly nice smelling pizza!   Fun match Maureen. Keep enjoying your tennis!' - Stephen, Nottingham Parks League

'Very enjoyable game played on a very pleasant spring evening!' - Mohsan, Lee Valley League 

'A really good match played in what will hopefully be the first of many summer days to come. In the first set Ivo ran away with it possibly due to settling more quickly in the rhythm of the breeze than Krys. Second set saw Krys take an early lead to 3-0 and it seemed that all the momentum had swung back to him. Ivo somehow found a way to come back to level at 4-4 and from there it seemed like the momentum had swung back again. After the match we played one more set where Krys won by 6-3. Pleasure meeting you Krys, good luck for your other matches.' - Ivaylo, Bedford League

'Great match on a very warm evening. Lots of long rallies, and games going close' - James, Battersea Park League

'The hottest April day recorded in 70 years. Kris a good guy, line calls v fair from both, v close 1st set Kris 4-2 up, few holds of SERVE.  Ran out of light.  TBC' - Ryan, Active Newcastle League

Our advice!? Make sure you bring plenty of water and sun screen to your matches.

Good luck and enjoy the great weather.

Oh and by the way - no ice creams were wasted in the making of this blog post!

LTL co-founder Nigel enjoys the weather!

LTL co-founder Nigel enjoying the weather!