21 February 2019

How to drop shots, lose weight and win friends!

Amar Campbell

Amar had spent years watching tennis and finally decided to get back on court in what turned out to be the not so local Westway Tennis League. He soon joined a league closer by in Wimbledon Park and fast forward two years, he's not only risen up the groups but is also feeling healthier in body and mind

I used to watch tennis when I was younger and I remember seeing all the Chris Evert/Martina Navratilova matches (always wanted Chrissie to win). I then started playing at school but when I left I gave it up completely.  I never stopped watching the game, though, especially when Andy broke through the ranks.

I saw something advertising a Westway tennis league and given that I live on Westway I thought it would be a convenient way to get back into tennis. I also needed to lose a few kilos and what better way to do so - I have lost 10kgs to date! Turns out it was another Westway miles away from me, but I still managed to get there and play my matches and although I didn’t win many games it was a lot of fun. I soon joined a league closer to me (Wimbledon Park) and have now been playing in this league for two years.

My style of tennis has changed as I have moved up the groups over the last two years. In the lower leagues getting the ball in play was often enough as you would eventually get an error from your opponent. The higher up the groups you go, the more you need to add to your game so I have made improvements on my serve and often follow it in with a volley. I also love the drop shot and have been working on a stronger forehand that I can hit winners from.

I started the Wimbledon Park league in the bottom group (I think this was group 14) and most recently I won group 5 so I have made significant progress which I am extremely proud of. My rating has also gone up from a 10.2 to a 9.1, and I will soon be an 8.2 - I won't rest until I am the next Scot to become world number 1!

A lot of people have helped me get there with coaching and hitting sessions (the most prominent being my fabulous doubles partner Kate!). Generally, all my opponents have been lovely and it’s great meeting like-minded people.

As I say, I have lost 10kgs from playing in the leagues. I also feel much healthier in mind and body and have met many lovely people who have the same interests as myself. More people should join as I’m running out of people to play!

Ready to spring back onto court? The next round in Wimbledon Park starts on 7th March and is open for entries here