18 May 2018

How to improve your win rate

So how can you improve your LTL win rate?

It's a hot topic, and something that we posed to two of our friendly partner coaches in Surrey. Elliott Mould (founder, pictured) and Sam Bracken are Mind Zone, the coaching company offering their pro tips to Elmbridge. We asked for their help in a chat this week!

I've been coaching for 11 years, we coach across 3 sites in Elmbridge (Esher, Weybridge & Cobham) with around 200 people visiting us across these sites. Mind Zone tennis programme helps children unlock their potential by helping them master their internal world for learning, performance and life.

We’ve just started a parks tennis programme for adults where we’re offering some of the LTA initiatives such as tennis express and cardio tennis and Local Tennis Leagues is a great complement to this.

So using your wealth of experience, what do you think we should be advising our #LTLers? How can they improve their win rate?

For an adult looking to improve I would recommend trying to get out and play at least 2/3 times a week. Keep any tactics simple as it’s much easier to execute simple ideas. Spend time on the basics and be willing to do things that might not produce immediate benefits. Lastly, find some regular practice partners and play as much as possible. 

Sam is also an experienced coach, having taught the sport to adults and children for more than 7 years. 

I got into coaching through the love of the game and wanting to share tennis with others. The top three tips I have for LTL players are:

- Don't rush your game, try to be as consistent as possible and make sure you go for your shots when you can.

- Take different tactics into match scenarios depending on the player you're up against. It's always good to play your normal game in the opening few games and see how you can adjust it to best play against your opposition. Every opponent is different!

- Eat a couple of hours before game time, not all players are the same, but it normally gives me a boost... I wouldn't eat just before you play though!

Here at LTL, we're big supporters of local tennis businesses such as Mind Zone. Coaches like Elliott and Sam really are having a positive impact on the way tennis is taught and inspired across the country, and with our league in Elmbridge and across the country, we're seeing opportunities for players to learn with local coaches whilst playing competitively with us, as Elliott explains:

I support Local Tennis Leagues because I think they provide a great basis to bring people together from different areas and backgrounds for a friendly game of tennis. I also think LTL can help park programmes such as ours to generate more of a competitive but also community element that is great for players but also great for growing the game.

If you'd like to find out more about the great coaching duo, visit www.mindzone.org and if you're a resident in Elmbridge, you can get involved in their park tennis courses via https://www.facebook.com/Parkstenniselmbridge/

And of course, you can sign up for the Elmbridge tennis league or find your local tennis league.