24 January

How to make friends and influence your game

Rob Hollinshead

Rob is up the for the mental and physical challenge of tennis, and if it means having to accept a tough defeat, what better way to get mentally stronger than to keep playing singles!

"About ten years ago, I decided I really wanted to learn how to play tennis properly and had a few hits before joining a local club. I like that it is both physically and mentally challenging, and that I have tennis-playing adversary-friends from playing in it.

I joined the league because I was really keen to develop my singles game, play competitively and meet and play people of varying styles and abilities.

Being in the Richmond Parks league has definitely helped my game in terms of technique and adaptation,  and it has also taught me to have more than one game-plan.  Generally I try to play on the front foot. I'm happy at the baseline and at the net and do my best to keep my opponent guessing.

There have been so many memorable matches. Losing from a 5-2 lead in the second set of a fairly recent match stung (credit to my opponent) but it has really helped me going forward. Being stronger mentally is an important goal of mine and a work in progress."

I would definitely. It's great for testing yourself, developing your game and collecting tennis buddies. 

Rob was photographed at the Local Tennis Leagues/Mizuno tennis shoe testing day in 2018. Mizuno is a LTL partner and all players can save 25% on Mizuno shoes - see here for details!

The next round of the Richmond Parks Tennis League starts on 2nd April 2020