21 September 2018

How quick and agile are you?

Wednesday (26th Sept) is National Fitness Day. To mark it, celebrate the fun of fitness by helping us find out how speedy and agile our players are. Complete the test and for a chance to win a pair of Mizuno tennis shoes, just send a photo or video of yourself doing the test.

Speed and agility are two components of fitness crucial to tennis, with the ability to change direction efficiently and cover the court quickly often key factors in a player's success.  

(With apologies for the wind-affected sound.)

To get involved all we need you to do is complete a simple fitness test and then send in your results via the webform below. 

This is a fun activity rather than a race and can be done by anyone, no matter how fast or slow you think you are. We are not necessarily looking for our fastest player, but we want to see, across age and gender, how nimble our tennis players are. This drill can easily be incorporated into your warm up and completed as many times as you like if you are looking to improve (we will use your best result in our survey).

Please remember it is important not to go into this cold - we would like to see lots of times coming in and not reports of injuries!

In 2 weeks time, we will collate all of the results and provide you with a snapshot of how your speed compares to other Local Tennis League players. 

For more information on National Fitness Day and the events taking place, visit the website here.

The Test

Equipment: 5 tennis balls, tennis court, method of timing and tennis racket.

Set up: Put five balls on the corners between the service and the baseline (see diagram).The drill

1 Start behind a racket placed on the baseline 

2 Run to ball 1 (right corner baseline), pick it up and place back on the racket

3 Repeat in an anti-clockwise direction for ball 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

4 The test is completed when all 5 balls are returned to the racket. 

Now take the drill for yourself and enter your time in the form below. You can repeat the drill as many times as you like, just resubmit the form with your updated timings.

Mizuno shoesWin a pair of Mizuno tennis shoes (just send your results with a photo or video of yourself doing the test to be eligible for the draw).