28 September 2018

How quick and agile are you? Get moving!

Last week we challenged our players to see how quick they are. Now we’ve had a good number of results submitted so far, even LTL's Nigel had a go... Let us know your time and you'll be also in with the chance of winning a pair of Mizuno tennis shoes. 

Anyone can take part, with the emphasis being on having some fun. We would like to get a picture of the speediness of our players around the court, across age and gender, rather than finding out who's the fastest. You never know you may do better than you expect: 

"After watching the clip I would have been happy with around 40 seconds so I am over the moon. Less than 5 seconds for each ball, it's doable!" Jonathan

Furthermore with a bit of practice, your time could improve: 

"Gradually got my time down, getting used to the quick turn and kicking back off towards my racket." Greg

And if you’re wondering when you'll have time to do the test, Fiona and Riccardo describe how it's easy to fit into your current tennis routine:

"I play about 3 times a week in the league and this would be a really good warm up routine with the bending, stretching and changing direction. I did it twice, once gently and once faster." Fiona

"Just one try half way through a friendly best-of-three match, but I thought I'd be a bit faster..." Riccardo

Look out for our report on the results in a future edition of the RoundUp.

But for now, it is your turn!

The Test

Equipment: 5 tennis balls, tennis court, method of timing and tennis racket.

Set up: Put five balls on the corners between the service and the baseline (see diagram).The drill

1 Start behind a racket placed on the baseline 

2 Run to ball 1 (right corner baseline), pick it up and place back on the racket

3 Repeat in an anti-clockwise direction for ball 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

4 The test is completed when all 5 balls are returned to the racket. 

Now take the drill for yourself and enter your time in the form below. You can repeat the drill as many times as you like, just re-submit the form with your updated timings.

Mizuno shoesWin a pair of Mizuno tennis shoes (just send in your results to be eligible for the draw).