27 September 2019

Inside or out?

Last Monday was the autumn equinox which means from now until until the shortest day (December 22), the evenings will be drawing in. What's more, it seemed to be the cue for the heavens to open. So, this could a good time to move your tennis indoors, but indoor play requires a few adjustments. Here is our guide to where to go and how to play

The great thing about indoor tennis is that it offers a consistent environment. That, plus quicker courts, means a faster game. 

Keep calm and carry on playingTop tips for playing inside:

  • A big first serve can help win 'easy' points
  • Slice rather than kick your second serve
  • Sliced backhands bounce much lower indoors so are particularly effective
  • Take the ball early and attack the net when possible
  • Shorten your backswing on faster courts

But beware. Not all indoor facilities are the same!  

Factors to consider:

  • Court surface – these can differ significantly, from carpet to acrylic and clay. This will influence how you play.
  • There’s a roof – the sky is no longer the limit!
  • Lighting – the lights inside can take some time to get used to and change depending on the facility.
  • Cold temperature – despite being indoors there is often little or no heating so layer up.
  • Space around the court – there can be narrow spaces at the side of some indoor courts; retrieving wide shots may be difficult.
  • Tennis shoes – specific indoor shoes are not a must but slightly worn shoes with less grip usually help with movement and changing direction. 

Indoor courts available at our league venues


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