12 June 2018

It’s a hat trick of Winchester wins

Ben Isaac

Ben, who has featured here back in March, makes a welcome re-appearance, having just won a hat trick in his group in Winchester. He explains how did it and how playing more matches has improved his game.

"My last match in the latest round was the best match I have ever played. Coincidentally, it was against the same opponent I played in my first ever league match. We were both discussing afterwards how much our games have improved since that first match. The quality in the latest round was the best yet with some excellent matches. I have now enjoyed a 12 match winning streak and would like to encourage more players to join the Winchester league and challenge me.

 Adjusting my tactics to face different styles of play in the league has definitely helped my all round game and contributed to my unbeaten run. In close matches, I have needed to mix up my tactics to gain a small advantage, often making the difference. In my first round of LTL, I was playing the big points too defensively, leading to incredibly long rallies! The more matches I have played, the more confident and attacking my game has become. I now like to shorten points by coming into the net more frequently. Playing on at the grass courts at my local club has provided perfect practice, the challenge now is taking my grass court game to the hard courts!"

If you would like to play in the Winchester League - and take on Ben - jon the new round: https://localtennisleagues.com/winchester/rounds/singles/9