2 July 2020

Keep yourself in peak physical condition on court with these tips...

Adam Costello, Coach Accrediation & Engagement Coordinator at the LTA (as well as qualified Personal Trainer) tells us how to keep your body in tip-top shape before and after your showdown on court!


1 – Warm up with dynamic stretching – swing your arms, jog with high knees and try some lunges to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Warming your muscles up reduces the risk of injury and will give you a quicker start in the game.

2 – Build your core strength – having a strong core is key for swing momentum and protecting the back and shoulders. Try planks to improve spinal and core stability and oblique twists to increase your rotational power.

3 – Develop speed and agility – tennis is a game of movement and you need to be explosive from the first step. Practice sprints, jumps and quick directional changes to improve your court coverage and chase down those drop shots!

4 – Strengthen the critical muscles – tennis can be strenuous on the shoulder and elbow joints. Condition the surrounding muscles through weighted exercises such as tricep extensions and shoulder presses.

5 – Don’t skip the cooldown – regulate your blood flow and avoid the build-up of lactic acid by gradually bringing your heart rate down and relaxing the muscles. Ignore this and you’re more likely to feel the DOMS the next day!

So now we know.. make sure to warm up, practice movement drills and cool down when it's all over! 
Thanks Adam!

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