28 January 2020

Last chance to secure your place in our ballot for Wimbledon tickets 2020

If you are currently playing in a round of your local league and your BTM rating appears next to your name on the results table, as long as you have opted in on your LTA account, you should be all set for this year's ballot. Not you? Don't despair, there is still time to make sure you don't miss the chance to see the action this summer.

Nigel's sitting pretty... the number next to his name on his current round group entry means he's got British Tennis Membership which he has associated with us (if he hadn't associated his BTM membership with us, his rating would not appear!). That means all he has to do to be included in the Local Tennis League's section of the Wimbledon ballot is to opt in at the LTA (you will need to log in and the deadline is 14 Feb 2020). Bright lad that he is, he's already done that!

Not As organised as Nigel? Here's what to do

1) Make sure you are an eligible player

If you have played in a round running on or since 17th March 2019, of are joined up to a current or future round, you are an "active player". If you don't qualify, join an upcoming round or purchase a round pass (these can be used for any round of a league this year, but are non-refundable and expire at the end of 2020.)

2) Check you have British Tennis Membership

If you do, you will have a long BTM number given to you by the LTA and access to your BTM account via the LTA's website.

If you don't, apply for membership now. BTM lite membership is free and you are entitled to it if you play in the leagues. See the page here for a guide to joining up.

3) Add your BTM long number to your LTL account if you haven't already 

Just log into your LTL account, navigate to the British Tennis Membership tab on your Account Page, Edit Your Details and whack the number in under the British Tennis Membership tab! (There is more guidance on using your account tabs on the page here).

4) Associate your British Tennis Membership with Local Tennis Leagues

This is done via your BTM account on the LTA website and there is a guide on our site here. The association should be with Local Tennis Leagues itself rather than the individual venue (or league) where you play and as we are registered in Middlesex, wherever your league is, Local Tennis Leagues will show the Middlesex registration.

And that's it! Good luck in the ballot. 

For more information about the way our ballot works, see here