15 May 2020

Leagues are reopening and new rounds starting - here's your guide to getting involved!

With play resuming in England, we are beginning the process of scheduling new rounds and reopening the leagues. Here's everything you need to know!

So far, it is only in England, and not all courts and venues are yet open, but tennis is returning to Britain. If you have played with us before, we will be letting you know by email when the next round in your league is due to start. Meanwhile, here's our get-ready-to-play guide to what's happening.

Which rounds are starting?

For the moment, only singles rounds can be opened, and only in English leagues. We are contacting our partner venues and scheduling new rounds when we are reasonably confident there will be courts available to play on.

How will I know my league is starting again?

If you have played with us before, or registered interest for a particular league, we will email details of upcoming rounds as soon as we can. But check your league page on the website. We will publish the new round dates, as soon as we have them. Click the Join Now button on your league page to enter as usual.

If you haven't played with us before and haven't created a user account with us, you can create one at localtennisleagues.com/register (Please do not duplicate an existing account - just let us know if you need help logging in.)

Do I have a credit or A discount to use?

You may do! If you joined a round that didn't start, or only just got going before it was stopped, your account will have been credited with a special coupon. If you were in a round that finished a few weeks early, we have awarded you a 50% off the next round discount code. (There is information on coronavirus-related credits and refunds here.) Use your coupon when you join the round. If you don't, it can't be used retrospectively for that round, but it can be used for another round starting this year.

Is everything else the same?

Because we anticipate a high demand for courts and not all courts or venues may be open, all rounds initially starting post-lockdown will allow short format matches. (These matches will count toward bonus points.) In addition, as safety is our prime concern, walkovers will not be awarded if a player is self-isolating or otherwise affected by Coronavirus.

Keep safe and keep making allowances

It is important you follow safe-play guidelines. We strongly advise you to read the LTA advice for players and to consult the summary on our Coronavirus update page

In addition, do make additional allowances: courts may not be easy to come by, booking arrangements may have changed and players may suddenly need to self-isolate.