20 September 2021

Learning From The Losses

Sarah Rutter

Meet Sarah,  a new local tennis leagues player who's enjoying meeting new people and learning new skills on court.


I started playing tennis and having lessons in my teens but now I’m in my 40’s and I’ve probably played 5 matches in 30 years. So, I joined the League to meet people and play some matches. It’s a great set up as it’s flexible for a full-time worker and parent like me and the players are pretty local, and you can arrange matches at a time that suits you.

I was put in the lowest League after answering some simple questions, when signing up. I played 7 matches in total in my first Round and lost 6 of them but I felt like I presented a bit of a challenge to my opponents. Everyone I played was friendly and they were all there for the same reason – to get some practice in and play some matches without serious pressure.

My level of fitness helped in me getting some points, but it has inspired me to get some lessons to improve my technique. I’m bowing out of the next Round due to injury (caused by running, not tennis) but hopefully I’ll be back after some physio and some lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed all my matches and I liked the fact that no one was too serious, and it really did relight my passion for the sport.


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