14 May 2018

Loving the challenge in Sheffield

Tommy Stenton

It's a great league!

I really enjoy the LTL because it gives me an opportunity to play more tennis, in a competitive but friendly way. It's been great to play some competitive matches as it's really strengthened my game and I'm now more aware of lots of different playing styles that I will come across in the future.

I'm in the Sheffield Tennis League and I normally play at Graves Tennis Centre. It's got a great amount of courts both inside and outdoors and it's on my doorstep. Other than that there are some great parks with good courts so I'm always willing to play on those if the weather is nice. 

When I was in the second group, I usually won most matches. When I was promoted to group 1 the matches got even more challenging. In the last round I only managed one win but the rest of my matches went to three sets, so could have gone either way; that's what's so good about the league and the groups. 

I'm a baseline player. I'd like to say I have some good topspin which really helps when hitting deep. I chase down every ball which helps to keep rallies alive, and makes my opponent hit another ball. I don't generally have an attacking style but I'm working on it!

I have had so many great matches, and probably the ones I've lost in a close three setters are my favourite. I love to go to play those players again to try and see if I've improved or read their game better the next time around. You definitely learn a lot more about your own game when you lose rather than when you win, that's for sure! 

I'd recommend the LTL to anyone who wants to meet some really nice people (because everyone really is!) and play some competitive games. The sportsmanship of the players is great and you generally end up making friends and playing in your spare time. It's a great way to stay fit and keep doing something you enjoy with new people all the time. 

You can join the Sheffield tennis league and play on your local courts.

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