8 April 2022

Mirroring Andre Agassi

Siddhartha Kunzru

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Sid and I am an account manager in the IT industry. I've been a big tennis buff since childhood and have always followed the pro circuit quite closely.

When did you first start playing tennis and what was your early tennis experience like?

I started playing tennis in school at the age of 10 back in India, mostly with friends. I remember dashing off to the courts straight after school in 40 degree heat to make sure we got the courts as there was no booking system! I never had formal coaching but used to practice in front of the mirror trying to copy Andre Agassi, who was my tennis idol. I won a few school tournaments and a district tournament during my university days but then somehow I stopped playing after starting my professional career.

What got you started in Local Tennis Leagues?

I stumbled upon the LTL banner at my local park in Kingston which gave me an incentive to pick up the racquet after a long gap of about 15 years.

What are some highlights from your time with LTL and tennis in general?

LTL has provided me with a platform to play competitive tennis in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I do enjoy the experience of meeting new people and challenging my tennis as you get to play people with so many different styles.

What have been some of the benefits of LTL and tennis for you?

I have met some great people through LTL and managed to create a small network of players who play quite often outside the league as well. I feel my tennis and stamina have improved since I started in 2019 and I can back myself to play a few hours of intense tennis which wasn't the case when I started.

What is your tennis claim to fame?

I got the opportunity to see Andre Agassi play the 2005 US Open quarterfinal - that was a dream come true after idolising him since my childhood. As a player, winning 5 consecutive Elmbridge league rounds is an achievement I am really happy about.

Why would you recommend LTL to others?

Yes - I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys tennis and is either looking to start playing on a recreational basis or looking to improve one's game by playing some competitive tennis. In fact, many of my friends have already joined LTL.


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