More leagues than ever!

Yes you heard us right!

We've got more leagues starting this week than we know what to do with!

So much so, we thought we'd give you the quick low-down on the leagues you can join this week. Remember that we've got new leagues starting all the time, so take a peak at our leagues page here to see where your most local league is.

With 20 leagues kicking off this week, you're bound to find a league close by! Click your closest league link below for all the info..Go on what you waiting for!?

Tennis MK Singles

Norwich Parks Doubles

Wandsworth All Star Singles

Poole Singles

Cavendish Rec & Queensmead Singles

Falkirk & Grangemouth Singles

Fleet Singles

Haggerston Park Singles

Barry & The Vale Singles

Southampton Singles

High Wycombe & Hazlemere Singles

Dorchester Singles

Whitstable Singles

Meadows Singles

Hove Singles

Ipswich (Christchurch Park) Singles

Exeter Parks Singles

West Ham Park & Newham Singles

Active Newcastle Singles

Enfield Parks Women's Singles