19 May

More Ways For You To Earn Points



The first step is signing up, the second step in playing matches! That's why we're awarding even more points for you and your opponents. From June 2023, every match played will earn at least 1 point, even if you lose. Read on to find out about the new points we're bringing to your League.

Participation Point

We’re introducing a new point - the participation point. This means that 1 point will be awarded to the winner and loser of every match (with the exception of walkovers). So even if you’re losing matches, you’re still gaining points for playing + it awards winners too!

Withdrawal Walkover

We’ll also be awarding the new participation point to any player who hasn’t played against someone who withdraws during a Round. This means if you missed out on playing someone who withdraws during a Round, you will receive 1 point.


Both of these points will be implemented for the next set of Rounds beginning in June 2023.