7 September 2018

Mother of all she surveys

Serena Williams is through to her first Grand Slam final since giving birth to her daughter just one year ago. How does she do it?

Serena Williams does not give much away, but Nike’s great ad for its astonishing star pays a tender tribute to the coaching her father gave her as a child.

As for what it takes to win at her level after all this time, there are a few glimpses from her press conferences.

"It would be wonderful to win a Grand Slam while having a daughter, but it's a lot of work. You know, it takes a lot of work to win those tournaments.!

"That desire [to win] has not gone down at all. And I don't think it was capable of going up, because if [the top was 10], I was at a 15 or a 20, and I'm still there. It still remains at that incredibly high level to compete and to want to win."

"I don't really feel pressure, because I'm on this journey of getting back to where I was. Yeah, I'm kind of enjoying that, to be honest."

The scariest part for her opponents is that she thinks she is only 50-60% back to where she could be.

“This is just the beginning of my return. There’s a lot of growth to still go in my game.”