21 September 2021

A New Style In Every Match

Tushar Gandhi

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Google Cloud Consultant and have been working in the IT industry for 11 years now. I moved to Bracknell in 2016 and have been here since then. My wife and I love walking and cycling in beautiful forest areas surrounding us in Bracknell.

When did you first start playing tennis and what was your early tennis experience like?

I started playing tennis with some of my work colleagues in 2018 and really started enjoying the game. I have always been into racket sports such as badminton and squash so picked up tennis quite quickly.

What are some highlights from your time with LTL and tennis in general?

I saw a LTL banner outside the ground were I play for leisure, so decided to join! I really enjoyed participating and winning the Bracknell Tennis League Round 17 as it gave me an opportunity to play with players of different and unique styles. I made some good friends, and we play friendly matches sometimes :)

What have been some of the benefits of LTL and tennis for you?

It has given me exposure of competitive tennis. Also, it is a good way to socialise and meet playing partners to continue playing and improving one's game.


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