3 September 2020

One For The Ladies


As Beate and Victoria completed their match in March earlier this year, the realisation that this would be the last for a while sank in, "For the moment it will be goodbye league but hope to see everybody soon again," said Beate.


As we slowly return to a new kind of normailty, more and more leagues are returning, including many of our women's leagues. Here we share a few thoughts from some of the women of the Norwich Parks League. We hope their experience inspires you to pick up your racquet again!


Victoria Chubb

"​Loving this league! Games are close and competitive even when the scoreline suggests otherwise and the opportunity to play ladies singles is a godsend to a keen player like me who has tried and failed to join any local clubs in the area due to the prevalence of doubles. The matches in this league have given me the confidence to enter tournaments for the first time ever!"


Julie Cooper

"It's great to be able to play some sport and forget about the world around us for a couple of hours. The league is so enjoyable and I can't wait for the next one."


Here are the women's leagues coming up this month that you can join now:

If they don't suit you, click here to see all of our other leagues across the UK.