3 April 2020

Online fitness survival guide


Stay in, work out now has its own hashtag and if you are not using this time to emerge fitter than you were before for the pandemic started, well, we can only say why not? Here is our round up of the latest imaginative ways to ensure that when you re-start your tennis, you are in the best possible shape to do so.

keep up with Riversside

The Riverside Tennis Club, a very friendly club in Bedford has had the great idea of launching a fun streamed programme of sessions to keep the tennis community connected and to keep your body and mind fit and happy. Accessed via its Facebook page, the content is free for members or there is a voluntary 'pay what you want' scheme via paypal to riverside.tennis@ntlworld.com. 20% of contributions will be donated to support other Bedfordshire clubs.

Day 1 #allinthistogether We’re setting a daily challenge to keep you motivated, improve your fitness, improve your...

Posted by Riverside Tennis on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

There are 17 session a week, run at 2 or 3 times a day (one a day at weekends) covering things like 'Cardio work out with racket', Meditation, Ball skills and movement and from 12 April, Family fun games. Among the recent content was a footwork drill demonstratinghow to do figure of 8 loops around a couple of markers. Assuming the average rally is 4-6 shots, and takes 20-25 seconds, the challenge is to see how many figures of 8 you can do in 25 seconds or (outside only) how to catch the ball on your racket (the added juggling is voluntary only but will keep spirits up!). To see the full schedule click here 

Better work out
GLL, which trades under the name Better and has been a long term partner of Local Tennis Leagues, manages more tennis courts than any other organisation. It's a charitable social enterprise and while the courts and gyms are closed, the work outs continue. All Better members can get free access to a huage range of virtual classes and home works outs via the Better UK app. Download, sign in  and use the access code BETTERFREE. Keen to 'translate you mid section strength to a full body powerhouse'? You have come to the right palce

Brit fit
The LTA has a round up of how the British tennis players are working out, including Jamie Murray and Harriet Dart. 




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On her Instagram page for example Harriet Dart shows what it takes to get to 121 in the world. This is one of her routines:

  • 40 x forward lunges (20 each side)
  • 40 x lateral lunges (20 each side)
  • 20 x sliplt lung jumps
  • 10 x squat jumps

Complete the set with no rests, then rest 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times. 

Archive action

The BBC will have nothing to show from Wimbledon this year, but boy does it have an archive. Classics will be coming. Watch and learn!

Pros go online

The ATP is also looking back, showing historic matches like this first encounter between Roger and Rafa 

See how the pros have been passing the time with its Stay at Home round up, including press ups, Grigor Dimitrov-style

Or learn a new way to use your rackets while you can't get on court