8 December 2020

Only the Brave


A poem inspired by tennis, written by Vera Boyle. 


To play or not to play, 

On the day or the next day?

That is the question?

Fortified like a bastion,

The tight grasp, 

Of the player’s clasps,

To the racquet’s grip, 

And coaches tip,

Tightened strings,

The fighting spirit within, 

With the weapon of choice,

The yell, the unbeaten voice

The focus of the task,

No unleashing the mask

Anticipating merit, 

Only to bear it,

No one warrior will bend, 

To the end,

This is the mighty battle, 

Not one will dismantle, 

The courage of those who seek, 

The skill of those who were once meek, 

Stand high, stand low, 

Strengthened by the mighty blow.

Back and forth amongst the humble mark,

Who will celebrate with the Skylark, 

Not until they find their courage,

Or bombarded by the barrage

The win, the defeat, 

Who will meet,

The face of defeat?

Who will fight back,

And kept on track?

Will it be the fave, 

No, only the brave!


by Vera Boyle