22 November 2019

Our tennis manifesto!

All the political parties are publishing their manifestos this week ahead of next month's General Election. Why should tennis be any different! Here is our Tennis Manifesto - and please give us your ideas in the form at the end. We will publish a selection in a future edition of the Round up


Free public courts for children
If a park or public court is empty at any time, a child should be able to use it for nothing.  


No VAT on tennis equipment, membership, courts, tournaments - or leagues
What the government loses on income, it will make up in a healthier population making fewer demands on the NHS


A ban on single use plastic at tournaments and Grand Slams
There is always an alternative - and that can include alternatives to recyclables which can perpetuate the problem rather than solve it


Affordable indoor courts (and floodlights)
£10 an hour is more than is enough!  


A one-stop tennis knowledge base
A website which links to you everything you need from nutrition for tennis and mental skills training, to the local coaches in your area. Oh, and it has a phone line!


A first Sunday tournament for kids in parks
Every first Sunday of every month, there is a tournament for children of all standards on park courts. The emphasis is on everyone having a good time


Best practice guidelines for public courts
Includes advice on pricing, accessibility (by foot, bike or public transport), maintenance and how peak time courts should be split between coaches, courses, clubs, schools and the public


Investment in eco tennis
From balls and footwear to clothing and rackets, tennis needs to play its part in going green


Tennis in schools
Every schoolchild, aged from 5 to 18, should have the chance to learn to play


As many women as men in the game
A network of regular tournaments, social play, tennis training, coaching-and-coffee courses and get togethers is sufficiently widespread to offer women and girls the diversity of events they need for their tennis to thrive