23 December 2019

Our top ten Roundup stories of the 2019!

How was the year for you? Full of tennis we hope.

Traditionally, this is the time for us to look back at the year with out top ten of our Roundup highlights of 2019 as we ring in the new. But the real highlight of any year for us is you and your amazing commitment to the leagues and the tennis we all play. 2020 will be our 16th year of "friendly, competitive tennis on local courts" and none of it could have been done without you. 

Thank you everyone, and here's to a wonderful, peaceful, fun and tennis-packed 2020. See you in January!

One thing we discovered for sure, there is nothing a Local Tennis League player likes more than a reminder about the rules, and since foot-faulting is one of the most egregious sins in tennis,  no wonder this complete guide to foot-faulting was one of our most popular posts ever.
We've all hit our shins with our racket trying to serve an ace, but that is only the start of a whole catalogue of self-inflicted tennis injuries. Prepare to wince as we help you avoid the collateral damage that that leaves you red faced!
There is more than one way to win a tennis match but how much attention do you pay to your body language? It's not just the pros we discovered who can bluff their way to victory or learn to turn their backs on a poor performance.
A Summer of Serving was our four part guide to the fundamentals of the serve and we kicked off the series with this back-to-basic guide to each of the main serves. If the kick serve (and the rest) has always been a bit of a mystery, this is the place to start!
How can it be so difficult to remember who serves first after a tiebreak? And yet it is the rule tennis players most often forget. We think we have nailed the way never to forget again. Go on, check if you really have the answer right!
Almost single-handedly, current "bad boy" of tennis, Nick Kyrious has reintroduced the underarm serve in to our sport. But is it the spirit of tennis? And can every-day players hope to employ the tactic with success in their own game?
In a sport of marginal gains, what you eat can be one of the most important decisions you take if you want to improve your performance. We talked to Rafa Nadal's personal nutritionist and learned some of the culinary secrets of his success.
League matches are usually wonderfully fair and enjoyable affairs but sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, it is often a mix-up in the score that lies at the heart of the problem. Follow these tips and you will never be caught out again!
What's it like to work with the super-stars of tennis? Our tennis-ball partner HEAD revealed all in a behind-the scenes account of working with Novak Djokovic. "Time is of essence because the athletes have better things to do – like actually playing crucial tennis matches."
It's a numbers game - or it soon will be. Next year the ITF and its partners introduce the World Tennis Number. It will be one of the biggest changes in tennis for years and it had its origins in the Local Tennis Leagues matches you play!